“Everybody notices inflation right now: at the grocery store, at the gas pump, at the car dealership—even when buying a home. Everything costs more.”
— Todd Graf, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metals Advisor

“You don’t have to worry about inflation anymore.”

“The ‘Reddit Silver Squeeze’ is Not Likely to Succeed.”[1]

Don’t believe it for a second…

Because no matter how much the government tweaks their inflation formulas and waters down the numbers, you’re feeling inflation. Right Now. That home you’ve been saving for? Suddenly $60k more. Your favorite cut of steak? A flat-out luxury these days. (Watch the video for more on why real inflation is here from precious metals advisers Todd Graf and Tim Murphy.)

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Inflation Is Here. Big Time. Shows 1980-Based Chart

consumer inflation chart

Consumer Inflation – Official vs ShadowStats (1980-Based) Alternate. Source: shadowstats.com/alternate_data/inflation-charts

Because the big boys—J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs—can’t magically erase the 5% drop in silver mine supply last year. Can’t turn back the clock and stop the global pandemic from interrupting 275 mining operations, most of them for gold and silver, and putting nearly $9 billion in mining revenue at risk.[2] Certainly can’t ignore the 16% jump in physical silver investment.[3]

COVID-19 Crushes Mine Production

At-risk Metal Production for 2020

Summary of at-risk production for 2020. Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Because retail silver buyers pull more weight in the silver market than you think. So much weight, the iShares Silver ETF (SLV) had to amend its prospectus on February 3rd. You read that right: SLV admitted silver demand could exceed supply.

SLV Admits “Demand for Silver May Temporarily Exceed Supply”

SLV Shortages Silver Squeeze

Source: StreetInsider[4]

Oh yeah, and Mints around the world are so squeezed, they’re SOLD OUT of silver bullion products.

#SilverSqueeze Strains U.S. Mint’s Supply

Us Mint Gold Silver Demand Headline

Source: Reuters[5]

It may be comfortable to believe inflation is a fiscal relic, or that nothing can shake the manipulation in the gold and silver markets, and that you’ve got time to buy gold and silver

…But the fact is, you don’t.

Get the facts, so you can make educated gold and silver investing decisions today. Before the forces reshaping the gold and silver market right now make $30/oz silver prices a myth you tell your grandchildren.

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