“When [silver] gets over $30 an ounce, that’s when we’re going to see the real fireworks.”
— Tim Murphy, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Advisor

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You knew this day was coming…

…when physical demand for silver would outpace supply, disrupting the paper markets, freezing the big bullion banks’ market manipulation, and finally revealing the REAL PRICE OF SILVER.

Guess what?

Your wait is over:

‘The demand for silver may temporarily exceed available supply that is acceptable for delivery to the Trust, which may adversely affect an investment in the Shares.

‘It is possible that Authorized Participants may be unable to acquire sufficient silver that is acceptable for delivery to the Trust for the issuance of new Baskets due to a limited then-available supply coupled with a surge in demand for the Shares.

‘In such circumstances, the Trust may suspend or restrict the issuance of Baskets. Such occurrence may lead to further volatility in Share price and deviations, which may be significant, in the market price of the Shares relative to the NAV.’ — February 3, 2021 amendment to the iShares Silver Trust prospectus following the frantic addition of 3,416 tons of silver to SLV from the LBMA’s London vaults.1

You read that right…


You know the only thing left to do?

Get in on the #SILVERSQUEEZE. The Reddit group WallStreetSilver certainly is.

I’m 41 – never bought silver in my life from r/Wallstreetsilver

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