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Silver Ingot vs Bars vs Rounds: Key Differences & Investment Considerations

Silver bullion comes in a variety of assets including ingots, bars, and rounds. This dynamic range of options is a common source of confusion among investors looking to diversify with physical silver assets.... Read More »

Why We’re Only In The Early Innings Of A Massive Gold Rally

Gold is going to shock people. –Sr. Precious Metals Advisor Damian White Whether you’ve been in the market for decades or days, the past few weeks have been a completely new experience. The... Read More »

How Much Gold Can You Travel With? – Domestic & International Considerations

Whether you’re permanently relocating or making a temporary trip, there are many instances when you might have to fly with a significant amount of gold. This leaves many investors wondering: How much gold... Read More »
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The Gold Standard: Everything You Need to Know

The gold standard might be a 20th-century development, but humanity’s economic history has gold veins running through it. In fact, the earliest use of gold as a foundation for trade dates back to... Read More »

Get a Jump on Your 2024 IRA Contribution & Earn FREE SILVER

We’ve seen such a positive reaction to our Proof Silver Eagle Promotion that we’ve decided to extend it beyond the 2023 tax deadline. This week only, you have a chance to capitalize on... Read More »

Final Call for 2023 IRA Contributions + Two Special Announcements

This Gold Spot Overtime is jampacked with crucial deadlines and a couple exciting developments. Watch the above video to hear Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Founder Eric Sepanek and IRA Liaison Michelle Ellis discuss... Read More »