Price of Gold Weekly Recap: September 4 – September 8, 2017  

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gold price recap

The gold market has garnered global attention as prices continue to break records. Last week, gold process opened at $1,334.51 on Monday and, after a day of light trading, closed at $1,333.89. Market action after the close resulted in a Tuesday opening bid of $1,334.14. The gold buying continued throughout the day to produce a… Read more »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: September 4 – September 8, 2017  

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silver price recap

Last week’s activity in the silver market suggests significant buying will bolster prices. After an opening quote of $17.84 on Monday, silver buying during the day resulted in a close of $17.88. Aftermarket activity brought a Tuesday opening price of silver of $17.95. What seemed to be psychological resistance kept the price fluctuating with light… Read more »

How a Fat Finger Trade Can Influence Gold Prices

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fat finger trade

A trade last June of 1.8 million ounces of gold instantly drove down the global price for the yellow metal. The next day a purchase of 815,000 ounces recouped most of those losses, and raised speculation of a “fat finger” trade. 1 This incident followed news of a trade in the silver market that also indicated a… Read more »

Gold Demand: Spotlight on Gold Coins and Bars

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gold bar and gold coin demand

The World Gold Council reported on significant trends in the gold market during Q1 2017. The numbers collected and analyzed by this leading industry organization indicate that many of the more savvy investors are continuing to build strategic positions in the yellow metal. Specifically, they indicate that demand for gold bullion bars and coins rose more than… Read more »

Why the Jackson Hole Symposium is Bullish for Gold Prices

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Leading up to the recent Federal Reserve Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the market was on standby for another interest rate hike of at least .25 percent. The Fed certainly wanted to raise the rate, and the Chair and other members have consistently signaled their desire and intention to do so. In fact, as… Read more »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: August 28 – September 1, 2017  

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silver price recap

The silver market opened at $17.21 on Monday morning, and strong buying moved the price of silver to $17.50 by the close. Another dime was added to this position in continued aftermarket action for a Tuesday opening of $17.60 before some profit taking finally consolidated around a close for the day of $17.42. Wednesday’s trading stayed in… Read more »