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Inflation Momentum Builds

The key to survive current times is to have physical gold and silver because they will be sought by anyone who wants to have stability and preserve the real value of their wealth.... Read More »

Inflation’s on the Rise—How to Protect Your Wealth Now

“The Fed is panicking. They’re printing more money. And we’re seeing [inflation] in our everyday lives now.” — Tim Murphy, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metals Advisor Inflation’s been on the rise, and... Read More »

Is History Repeating?

Rising inflation has clearly grabbed hold and it appears we are heading right into another scenario similar to the 1970’s.  (High inflation, high interest rates and stagnant economy).  As part of a continued... Read More »
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Gold & Silver Supply Is Going, Going…

Gone? Not quite… but precious metals advisor Todd Graf warns in the video above, “If gold and silver is something you want to use to hedge against inflation, you’d better do it now—instead... Read More »

Government Overreach: IRS Wants Access to Private Bank Accounts

“If things really do fail, gold will never fail…That’s why people buy it. Also, it’s private. You put it away and no one knows you have it.” — Eric Sepanek, Scottsdale Bullion &... Read More »

2011 on Repeat? Debt Ceiling. Gold Rally. See Big Short Investor Michael Burry’s Warning

“Back in 2011, #Gold rallied hard as the debt limit battle got this intense,” Tweeted Michael Burry1, the contrarian investor whose billion-dollar bet against the U.S. housing bubble was made famous in the... Read More »