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It’s Not Too Late to Make Your IRA Contributions for 2021. Consider Investing in a Gold & Silver IRA This Year!

“A lot of people are looking to make…IRA contributions now because later in the year, when things get busier, it’s that much more difficult to do it.” — Sr. Advisor Steve Rand 2021... Read More »

And Forever Hold Your Peace

Fundamentals confirm that rising consumer prices will lead to rising interest rates. But the signals from central banks suggest that they will only raise them less than might be expected to compensate currency... Read More »

Gold Is the Anchor to a Well-Diversified Portfolio

“Gold is [the] anchor to an entire portfolio…The bigger the ship, the bigger the anchor. The bigger the portfolio…the more gold you need.” — Richard Otto, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metals Advisor... Read More »
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Demand for Precious Metals is Building. Learn Why Spot Gold and Silver Prices are Lagging.

“There’s a huge disconnect, right now, between the paper market…and the price for physical gold and silver.” — Sr. Precious Metals Advisor Todd Graf There’s been a whirlwind of negative news lately regarding... Read More »

Will History Repeat in 2022?

So the fact that you are able to skate through today and tomorrow and the day after on other people’s money means that ultimately, when society itself has to pay the bill, the... Read More »

Checking the Economic Weather for 2022: More Inflation Brewing

“Leading economists are predicting…a continuing rise in inflation well into 2022…and beyond.” — Eric Sepanek, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Senior Precious Metals Advisor 2021 has been a crazy year. You name it: supply... Read More »