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So Many Positives for Gold: Why Gold Prices Are Going Higher

“This is a long-term play: higher inflation, higher interest rates, and higher gold”. – Precious Metals Advisor Tim Murphy Following the Federal Reserve’s rate hike of 0.75%, there’s been some uncertainty among investors... Read More »

Gold Prices Are On the Verge of ‘Explosive Moves’: Here’s Why

“We could have explosive moves [in gold].” – Precious Metals Advisors Damian White There’s been no shortage of speculation over where the economy is heading over the next few weeks and months. However,... Read More »

Recipe For Disaster

The cartoon shows a “Recipes For Disaster” cookbook lying on the ground and a resulting scene of chaos. So, considering the current state of inflation and falling purchasing power of the dollar, one... Read More »
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Central Banks to Increase Gold Bullion Holdings Over Growing Concerns of Global Financial Crisis

According to a survey by the World Gold Council (via Bloomberg News), central banks are likely to increase their holdings of gold bullion over the next 12 months. Why it matters: This is... Read More »

Gold Bar Prices: How to Determine The Worth of Your Gold Bars Today

Gold Bars are among the most attractive options for precious metals investors. They come in a variety of sizes from one-tenth ounce all the way up to 100 ounce bars and even gram... Read More »

Economic Concerns Worsen: Why Precious Metals Are the Answer

“Gold is the foundation of any economic system.” – Precious Metals Advisor John Karow There’s no shortage of concerns threatening the already unstable state of our economy. Still, every prediction and decision made... Read More »