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Cracks Form in the US Economy as Inflation Reverses and Oil Prices Jump

The Federal Reserve’s battle against inflation is losing steam as consistently rising oil prices and growing inflation present a daunting challenge. Despite the government’s happy talk, cracks are being revealed in the US... Read More »

This Week in Gold: Headwinds Amid Dollar Strength and Geopolitical Tensions

The gold market is lower on Monday as the new trading week gets underway. The yellow metal is being hit by a variety of bearish factors today, as a stronger Dollar Index, higher... Read More »

Dollar Rally at Home vs Gold Rally Abroad: Where Does the Economy Really Stand?

“The dollar has been the best horse in the glue factory.” – Sr. Precious Metals Advisor Steve Rand Once again, there’s a glaring disconnect between what the American people are hearing from the... Read More »
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SAVE BIG on Gold & Silver During Our End of Summer Sale!

The summer weather might be cooling down, but the gold and silver deals are heating up at Scottsdale Bullion & Coin. Whether you’ve meant to increase your gold and silver holdings or have... Read More »

Gold Higher as Fed Decision Awaited

The gold market is higher on Monday as the new trading week gets underway. Although gold is higher by nearly $8 per-ounce in midday action, the market appears to be subdued and will... Read More »

Xi & Putin Snub G20 Summit: An Attack on the Dollar & Boon to a BRICS Currency?

“[T]he BRICS nations [are] trying to form…something that will rival the U.S. dollar.” – Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Founder Eric Sepanek Key absences at this year’s G20 Summit reflect an ongoing global economy... Read More »