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2023 IRA Contribution Increases: What You Need to Know

2022 was a devastating year financially for the average American. Over $9 trillion of wealth was erased from the market, runaway inflation crushed buying power, and aggressive rate hikes made borrowing impossible. In... Read More »

Why Now is the Best Time to Make 2022 & 2023 IRA Contributions

It’s that time of year again when investors can contribute to their IRAs for two years with a single investment. Watch the video (and/or read below) to hear Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Sr.... Read More »

Bang Zoom …. To The Moon, Alice!

Americans are getting stronger. Twenty years ago, it took two people to carry ten dollars’ worth of groceries. Today, a five- year-old can do it. –Henny Youngman Five months ago, my articles and... Read More »
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Palladium: What It Is, Why It’s Valuable, and Should You Own It?

The precious metals market is dominated by gold and silver due to greater demand and familiarity among investors when compared to other valuable metals. However, every precious metal has unique characteristics, value, and... Read More »

The Tides Are Changing for Gold & Silver

“It’s an exciting time for gold and silver right now.” – Tim Murphy 2022 was a challenging year for investors. Markets tanked, inflation surged, and geopolitical tensions reached new heights. The silver lining... Read More »

Why Central Banks Are Buying Up Record Amounts of Gold

“Don’t listen to what they say…watch what they’re doing.” – Precious Metals Advisor Damian White Those in power always tend to say one thing and do something completely different. We’re only a few... Read More »