About Todd Graf

Giving you the peace of mind your savings are protected in an uncertain financial world. It’s Advisor Todd Graf’s mission.

If anyone knows how treacherous the financial world can be, it’s Todd. He built his career as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley and Vanguard for 10 years after studying finance at SUNY Fredonia. He’s Series 7 licensed. His portfolio had cryptocurrency long before Elon Musk became Dogecoin’s mascot—and gold way before Warren Buffett turned bullish.

When it comes to your portfolio, Todd’s a straight shooter. He’ll tell you what you need to accomplish your investing goals, and what you don’t. He’s not afraid to get creative, either. Drawing upon his deep well of knowledge of traditional and defensive assets, Todd will help you devise an ironclad strategy.

As ironclad as his nerves. Because when Todd’s not helping the people of Venezuela rebuild their economy with cryptocurrency, he’s relaxing riding bulls.

Contact Information

Direct line:

(480) 275-5561

Toll free:

(888) 812-9892

Years of Experience

6 years