“The bond market is starting to insinuate that inflation is coming, and it might be here to stay.”
— Damian White, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Senior Precious Metals Advisor

Gold and silver prices are a 🚨 flashing red sign that inflation is here too. The price of gold and the price of silver have been pulling back because interest rates are rising. See the silver spot price chart and the gold spot price chart for yourself.

Wait a minute. Doesn’t the Fed control interest rates, and aren’t they keeping them near zero right now?

Yes, the Fed does control interest rates, but only short-term rates. The market dictates long-term rates, and the MARKET IS VOLATILE right now. That’s why gold prices are swaying. That’s why silver prices are swinging. Why prices for lumber, copper, aluminum, soybeans, housing—you name it—are up. Because inflation.

If inflation is so high, why aren’t gold and silver prices higher too?

Because higher interest rates increase the opportunity cost to buy gold and silver, a fact big bullion banks are taking full advantage of on the paper markets.

When could the price of gold pick up then?

When is the price of silver going up?

Possibly very, very soon. Because higher long-term interest rates increase the cost of the Fed’s skyrocketing debt. Read: “The Numbers No One Talks about Anymore (But You Need to Know)

How will the Fed get interest rates back down?

“The Ponzi scheme that is the Federal Reserve reacted to high interest rates in 2011 under Bernanke with ‘Operation Twist,’” explains precious metals advisor Joe Elkjer in the video above.

Watch now for an in-depth explanation of how interest rates are affecting gold and silver prices.

Expect the Fed to start “twisting” the market again in its favor, selling short-term bonds and buying long-term ones, bringing down long-term rates, and clearing the way for gold and silver prices to soar.

Because at the end of the day, you know what high real inflation does to short- and long-term interest rates? Makes them NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES.

You know what negative interest rates mean for your savings? GOODBYE.

If you were concerned about the dollar before…. NOW is the time to be terrified. Unless…

…You have some gold and silver to protect against inflation and economic chaos.

Because the world is reopening, and Americans are about to spend the $2 trillion they banked during the pandemic, flooding the financial system—already packed to the gills with Fed stimulus—with worthless cash.1

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