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Silver Shortage 2023? Why Global Silver Demand is Outpacing Supply

Gold demand has been dominating the news cycle as central banks, institutional inventors, and retail investors scoop up massive amounts. However, it isn’t the only precious metal breaking records. A groundbreaking report has... Read More »

Buy the Dip: Gold & Silver Prices Are a “Gift” Right Now

“Paper gold and silver prices are artificially low. The prices are a gift.” – Tim Murphy, SBC Precious Metals Advisor It might have been a shorter week, but there was no shortage of... Read More »

Investors Binge on Gold & Silver During Temporary Price Dips

The world is undergoing a major financial shift as countries move away from paper currency into tangible assets. The news might want to distract you with babblings of a potential UFO invasion, but... Read More »
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The Tides Are Changing for Gold & Silver

“It’s an exciting time for gold and silver right now.” – Tim Murphy 2022 was a challenging year for investors. Markets tanked, inflation surged, and geopolitical tensions reached new heights. The silver lining... Read More »

Why Silver Eagles Are So Expensive Right Now & Better Buys

As the official silver bullion coin of the United States, the 1 oz American Eagle Silver Coin has enjoyed a high level of prestige among precious metals investors at home and abroad. The... Read More »

LBMA Delegates Expecting Gold and Silver Prices to Rally

According to surveys during the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) Global Precious Metals Conference, delegates from around the globe expect paper gold and silver prices to rally over the next 12 months. Why... Read More »

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