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Is Silver a Good Hedge Against Inflation?

When inflation ramps up in the United States, gold gets a lot of attention for being a hedge against inflation, and rightfully so. Silver, on the other hand, might tend to fly under... Read More »

Rising Interest Rates, Inflation, & Gold & Silver Prices: Putting It All Together

“Higher inflation is very bullish for gold and very bearish for the US dollar”. — Precious Metals Advisor Tim Murphy The fiat market has been experiencing a lot of pressure and uncertainty lately,... Read More »

Bank of America Still Bullish on Gold and Silver: Any Dip in Price is a Strong Buying Opportunity

Despite the ups and downs gold and silver prices have experienced in 2022, Bank of America (BoA) Securities technical analysts recently noted that any dip in prices should be considered a strong buying... Read More »
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Spot Price vs Physical Price of Gold & Silver: Why There’s a Difference

“The spot price for gold and silver is determined by futures contracts being traded back and forth.” — Precious Metals Advisor Todd Graf There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the spot price and... Read More »

Demand for Precious Metals is Building. Learn Why Spot Gold and Silver Prices are Lagging.

“There’s a huge disconnect, right now, between the paper market…and the price for physical gold and silver.” — Sr. Precious Metals Advisor Todd Graf There’s been a whirlwind of negative news lately regarding... Read More »

Silver Price Set to Soar through the Next Decade

“Silver is needed. It’s a metal that can’t be replaced. The demand for silver is going to go through the roof over the next decade.” — Tim Murphy, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Senior... Read More »

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