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COVID-19 Aftermath: The Economic Threat No One’s Talking About

“Gold prices have plateaued right now. But I think they have a significant amount to go because we haven’t even seen the next stimulus unleashed yet.” — Steve Rand, General Manager and Senior... Read More »

Are You Worried about Gold Confiscation & Runaway Taxation? Watch This.

“There’s just a lot at stake here, and I know what we’ve been doing, especially with clients, is showing them places they can find some security from taxation—and some privacy, more than anything.”... Read More »

Could the Government Confiscate Your Gold Bullion?

“Now more than ever because of all the government overreach we’ve seen in 2020, people are concerned about their bullion and if it’s safe from government confiscation.” — Eric Sepanek, Founder of and... Read More »
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What the First Presidential Debate Means for the Markets

“We’re seeing volatility and uncertainty. It’s here to stay until we get some kind of resolution. Until we see who wins.” — Damian White, Senior Precious Metals Advisor at Scottsdale Bullion & Coin... Read More »

How Smart Investors View Gold Price Volatility

“This is pretty normal price action for most financial assets. You have big moves up. Consolidations. Pullbacks.” — Damian White, Senior Precious Metals Advisor Are you concerned about gold price volatility? Do you... Read More »

Will Gold Reach $10,000/Oz? Why It’s Not a Crazy Question Anymore

“If you think $10,000-an-ounce gold sounds crazy, you would have thought $2,000-an-ounce gold sounded crazy back in the ‘70s.” — Eric Sepanek, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Founder & Senior Advisor Awe, the good... Read More »

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