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Looming Debt Crisis? Why a ‘Perfect Storm’ is Brewing

“2008 was bad…but I see this being much worse.” – Sr. Precious Metals Advisor Steve Rand The Fed’s decision to hike interest rates by 75 basis points earlier this week came as no... Read More »

Shocking CPI Report Dashes Hopes for Recovery

“The CPI numbers [threw] the markets in a tailspin.” – Precious Metals Advisor Joe Elkjer The highly anticipated consumer price index (CPI) report rocked markets earlier this week dashing hopes of a near-term... Read More »

Investors Beware of “Massive Problems” Ahead: What You Need to Know

“We’re going to have massive inflation, massive problems, massive printing of money [which is all] the more reason to own some physical gold to be protected.” – Precious Metals Advisors Tim Murphy For... Read More »
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Debt Does Matter: How ‘They Will Be Coming After Your Money’

“Eradicating [student debt] sets up a huge problem for our money system.” – SBC Founder Eric Sepanek Biden’s monumental student loan debt forgiveness plan has kicked up a whirlwind of questions, concerns, and... Read More »

Modern Day Gold Rush: Find Out Who’s Buying It & Why

“World currencies are in trouble, so there’s a big push towards owning physical gold right now.” – Precious Metals Advisor Tim Murphy As paper gold and silver prices continue to wane following record-breaking... Read More »

The End of Gold Price Manipulation? What Investors Should Know

“The monopoly that the LBMA has had for so many years could be ending fairly soon, and we could see the price of gold start to trade much, much higher after getting rid... Read More »

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