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2011 on Repeat? Debt Ceiling. Gold Rally. See Big Short Investor Michael Burry’s Warning

“Back in 2011, #Gold rallied hard as the debt limit battle got this intense,” Tweeted Michael Burry1, the contrarian investor whose billion-dollar bet against the U.S. housing bubble was made famous in the... Read More »

What Can History Teach You about Gold & Silver Prices?

“The public wants to make money fast, but the key is—and it’s an old-fashioned mindset—to take the long view on gold and silver prices.” — Tim Murphy, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metals... Read More »

Why America’s $3.5 Trillion “Safety Net” Could Mean $3,000/Oz Gold Prices

“America is on a much different path since this new administration took over than it’s ever been before.” — Eric Sepanek, Founder of Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Did you hear the news? The... Read More »
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Basel III Countdown: Real Gold & Silver Prices 4 Days Away?

“Two years ago, we had hundreds of coins in our vault. Last week, we were lucky to have 24 Gold Eagles. We’re seeing the silver squeeze and the gold squeeze firsthand.” — John... Read More »

Why Gold and Silver Prices Are Signaling Inflation Right Now

“The bond market is starting to insinuate that inflation is coming, and it might be here to stay.” — Damian White, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Senior Precious Metals Advisor Gold and silver prices... Read More »

Gold Price Forecast 2021

Gold has a host of drivers working in its favor, and [we] believe that gold is on its way to new highs. — Austin Pickle, investment strategy analyst for Wells Fargo[1] Global pandemic.... Read More »

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