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Experts Raise Gold Price Predictions Following Massive Rally

Following a powerful rally throughout the beginning of the year, experts are revising their gold price forecasts. Since New Year’s Day, the yellow metal has continuously notched new highs as a confluence of... Read More »

Gold Prices Drop: All Signs Point to a Pre-Surge Dip

Gold prices are taking a breather after a record-setting jump. Despite standing near unprecedented heights, gold isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In this week’s The Gold Spot, Sr. Precious Metals Advisor... Read More »

Why We’re Only In The Early Innings Of A Massive Gold Rally

Gold is going to shock people. –Sr. Precious Metals Advisor Damian White Whether you’ve been in the market for decades or days, the past few weeks have been a completely new experience. The... Read More »
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Gold Appears Unstoppable as It Breaks Above $2,300/oz! What’s Fueling the Rally?

With tax season upon us, investors are paying especially close attention to their finances. Investors in precious metals have been confidently watching their holdings grow as gold continues topping new highs each week.... Read More »

Gold Breaks (Another) Record. Next Stop $2,500/oz?

Gold’s making exciting and unprecedented moves to the upside. It’s already broken several records in March, and prices aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Delve into this week’s The Gold Spot to... Read More »

Gold Spot Price Hits All-Time High Above $2,200/oz. Will The Rally Continue?

On Thursday, gold prices blew past previous highs which were only set a few weeks ago, reinforcing the yellow metal’s underlying strength. Understanding what’s behind this upward climb and where gold prices might... Read More »

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