About Damian White

You know precious metals are the next big asset class when veteran traders switch from stocks to gold. And that’s exactly what Damian White did.

Born in Amsterdam to American parents on extended visas and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Damian started cultivating his financial acumen early. First with a business degree from the University of Colorado in 1993. Next with a move to Manhattan in 1995. A Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor license and 20 years in real estate finance followed.

Then, at the height of his career, Damian turned his focus to precious metals.

Convinced the Fed’s practice of Modern Monetary Theory will eventually collapse under its own weight—pulling the dollar down with it—Damian set out to help prepare investors. He joined Scottsdale Bullion & Coin in 2016 and has been educating investors about the wealth preservation power of gold and silver ever since.

Stop in and see Damian anytime to talk precious metals. Or catch him on the Mike Broomhead Show.

Contact Information

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(480) 275-6780

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(888) 812-9892