Augustus St. Gaudens’ Double Eagle Proof Coins

The early 20th century yielded some of the most brilliant coinage in the country’s history, with Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle serving as the paragon. Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle: An Artistic and Political Feat... Read More »

30-Gram Chinese Gold Panda Coin

Sought after the world over, Chinese Gold Panda coins can be as rare as the cherished and engendered creature from which they take their name.Learn How to Avoid Costly Rookie Mistakes & Invest... Read More »

High Demand for Sold Out Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin – Proof

Every now and then, a silver coin captures collectors’ and investors’ imagination. One of the current breakout stars in the silver coin market is the 2016 Australian Silver Kangaroo Proof Coin. Sales of... Read More »
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2016 Silver Eagle 30th Anniversary Proof Coin

Silver Eagles are among the most popular coins because they allow all Americans to collect and invest in beautiful precious metal coins—the ultimate safe-haven asset in times of economic and political uncertainty. History... Read More »

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin – Proof

A brilliant, high relief coin, the Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin celebrates the country’s cultural heritage and indigenous wildlife, making it a collector favorite the world over.Learn How to Avoid Costly Rookie Mistakes &... Read More »

30 Gram MS-70 2016 Chinese Gold Panda Coin

Peace, harmony, wealth, and abundance—only gold can transform these pinnacles of our transitory existence into something permanent and beautiful that we can clasp in our hands: the prized Chinese Gold Panda coin. The... Read More »

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