2023 morgan silver and peace dollar coins

Morgan and Peace silver dollars are two of the most highly-sought after silver coins in the precious metals market. They’re revered for their beautiful designs, rich history, silver purity, and numismatic value. The US Mint’s announcement of 2023 versions of these iconic coins has generated a lot of buzz among investors.

Why is the US Mint releasing 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars?

The Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars were minted from 1904 to 1921 and 1921 to 1935, respectively. In 2021, the US Mint released new versions to commemorate the centennial shift between these highly popular silver coins. Investors responded positively to modern Morgan and Peace silver dollars, so the US mint planned to continue minting these coins in 2022. Unfortunately, supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic thwarted the release.

The 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars represent the ongoing minting of these modern versions. The obverse and reverse designs remain identical to the originals with improvements in the minting process. The Morgan dollar represents the nation’s westward expansion and industrial development while the Peace dollar commemorates the world peace following WWI. Both depict crucial times in the country’s development and growth.

How to purchase 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars.

The US Mint hasn’t released the 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars for purchase yet. Instead, it’s taking preorders through its product enrollment program which is designed to make it easier to gauge the demand for each version of the coin. Enrollment is currently open, so you can make your orders now. The US Mint’s enrollment program is similar to a preorder for any other product. You simply submit an order for the type of product and amount you want. When the release date rolls around, the order will automatically be filled.

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When will the 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars be released?

There’s no word from the US Mint regarding a specific release date for the 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollar coins. However, the coins are expected to be released sometime in the fall and summer.

2023 Morgan & Peace Dollar Release Schedule

Coin NameVersionRelease Date
2023 Morgan Silver DollarProof CoinFall 2023
2023 Morgan Silver DollarUncirculated CoinSummer 2023
2023 Peace Silver DollarProof CoinFall 2023
2023 Peace Silver DollarUncirculated CoinSummer 2023
2023 Morgan & Peace Dollar SetReverse Proof CoinsFall 2023

Who is buying the 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars?

The majority of 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars are being preordered by retail investors. However, about 10% of the available supply is reserved for 18 unnamed coin dealers through the US Mint’s Authorized Bulk Purchase Program which allows qualifying wholesalers to reserve some coins for eventual sale to other buyers. The US Mint is also reserving 1% of each 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollar product for sale at three of its retail outlets.

2023 Morgan and Silver Peace Dollar Products

The US Mint is releasing five different products related to the 2023 Morgan and Silver Peace dollars from which investors can choose. Both silver dollars are getting an uncirculated and proof version, and there’s a two-coin reverse-proof set featuring both the 2023 Morgan and Silver Peace Dollars. Here’s a breakdown of the products, prices, mintage numbers, and mint marks.

ProductPriceMintageMint LocationMark
2023-S Proof Morgan Silver Dollar$73400,000San FranciscoS
2023-S Proof Peace Silver Dollar$73400,000San FranciscoS
2023-P Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar$67275,000PhiladelphiaNone
2023-P Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollar$67275,000PhiladelphiaNone
2023-S Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Reverse Proof Set$175250,000San FranciscoS

Are there any enrollment restrictions?

Currently, there’s a limit on the enrollment purchase of 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars products. Each household can only order three of each product.

Are Morgan and Peace dollars a good investment?

Yes, Morgan and Peace silver dollars are a good investment due to their popularity and silver purity. It’s important to note that only the initial mintings of these silver coins carry significant numismatic value because of their rarity, history, and high demand. The modern versions of the Morgan and Peace dollars, on the other hand, are only worth their weight in silver.

What is the difference between a Morgan and a Peace silver dollar?

The Morgan silver dollar was the initial silver dollar produced by the US Mint after the Coinage Act of 1873 which put on a pause on the minting of silver coins. It was originally minted between 1904 and 1921 and was succeeded by the Peace dollar which was initially minted from 1921 to 1935.