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U.S. Mint Reports Strongest Gold Bullion Demand in 23 Years

With rising inflation and economic uncertainty around the globe, the demand for physical gold is strong. In fact, Q1 2022 was the best start to a year1 for the U.S. Mint’s sales of... Read More »

2021 American Gold Eagle Type 2 Coin Is Here!

Have you heard about the 2021 American Gold Eagle new design? Collectors’ excitement has been mounting ever since the U.S. Mint announced a new look for the country’s official gold bullion coin last... Read More »

2021 Silver Eagle Type 2 Coin Is Finally Here!

What will the 2021 Silver Eagles look like? It’s a question on a lot of coin collector’s mind. Why? Because the nation’s most beloved coin is changing. A new artist’s design will grace... Read More »
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What Is a Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin?

With so many types of gold coins on the market, it can be difficult for investors to know where to begin. If you’re even a little familiar with the precious metals market, there’s... Read More »

2021 American Eagle Gold Coin Design Marks New Era in American Coinage

These beautiful designs build on the United States Mint’s heritage of artistic excellence and fortify the American Eagle Coin Program’s status as an icon in the numismatic and art worlds. —U.S. Mint Director... Read More »

The American Eagle Silver Coin Design Is Changing in 2021

New year. New coins designs. U.S. Mint unveils new look for 2021 American Eagle silver coin and the 2021 American Gold Eagle coin. In early October of 2020, the U.S. Mint announced some... Read More »

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