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2016 1 OZ Canadian Silver Superman Shield Coin (BU)

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … It’s Superman! Such preternatural powers were historically assigned to the queens, kings, and... Read More »

2016 W Gold Mercury Dime – 100th Anniversary

In all the world of numismatics, no coin has enjoyed a more apt allusion to history than the Mercury dime, which derives its name from the Roman patron God of financial fortune and... Read More »

2016 $50 Gold Buffalo Coin NGC PF70

Highly Collectible First Day of Issue with James Earle Fraser Signature Label This special anniversary edition of the $50 Gold Buffalo captures the nostalgia of the Old West in a coin of unparalleled... Read More »
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MS-61 1851 “880” Reeded Augustus Humbert $50 Gold Ingot

A pristine 1851 “880” Reeded Augustus Humbert $50 gold ingot (slug) is as rare on the modern coin market as federal currency was in California during the days of the Gold Rush. $50... Read More »

Better Dated $20 Liberty Head Gold Coin

Perhaps no coin has seen more of America’s highs and lows than the $20 Liberty Head Gold coin, with the rarest pieces offering collectors unique glimpses into this pivotal time in the history... Read More »

2016 Platinum American Eagle Proof Coin

Capturing the core American values of peace, liberty, and enlightenment in one of the world’s rarest precious metals, the 2016 American Eagle platinum proof coins are a promising addition to any investment portfolio... Read More »

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