new 2023 american silver eagle coin

The American Silver Eagle coin has remained one of the most popular silver bullion coins for decades due in part to its preferred status as the official silver bullion coin of the United States. Since its initial minting in 1986, this silver coin has seen annual reissues and even multiple iterations within the same year. The 2023 Silver Eagle is finally here, marking the 38th year of mintage for this iconic coin.

The 2023 Silver Eagle Design


new 2023 american silver eagle coin reverse

The 2023 Silver Eagle’s reverse side features a relatively new design that debuted on the second release of the 2021 Silver Eagle. This will be the second time the updated design is used throughout the entire year of production. Emily Damstra, a member of the Art Infusion Program (AIP) was the mastermind behind the reverse design of the newest Silver Eagle, and Michael Gaudioso translated the design to the minting process for an impeccable and premium-quality final product worthy of the iconic coin.

The reverse side is emblazoned with a bald eagle in flight clenching an oak branch in its talons. The eagle’s wings are outstretched and its eyes are piercing, conveying an imposing, resolute, and fearless feeling.

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new 2023 american silver eagle coin obverse

The obverse of the 2023 Silver Eagle features the iconic design of Walking Liberty by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman. This classic design was conceived in 1916 and was only temporarily discontinued from mintage in 1947. The design features Lady Liberty walking triumphantly toward the sun with her right hand stretched outward and her left hand clutching a bouquet of laurel and oak.

The Silver Eagle’s obverse was revamped in 2021 while remaining true to the original design. In fact, the newest rendering is intended to hold truer to Weinman’s initial design through the use of more advanced technology. Most notably, the sculptor’s initials under “IN GOD WE TRUST” have been included in the new design.

Security Features

As added in the 2021 redesign, the 2023 Silver Eagle features advanced security features such as a reeded-edge which decreases the chances of counterfeiting.

2023 Silver Eagle Coin Specs

Purity: 99.9% silver
Weight: 1.000 troy oz (31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.598 inches (40.60 mm)
Face Value: $1

The 2023 Silver Eagle boasts a high purity level of 99.9% silver. It weighs 1.000 troy oz (31.103 grams) and measures 1.598 inches (40.60 mm) in diameter. As legal tender, the 2023 Silver Eagle has a face value of $1. However, its inherent value is significantly higher based on the spot price of silver.

Where to buy a 2023 Silver Eagle.

You can buy silver eagles from precious metals coin dealers and brokers. Reputable and experienced dealers are more likely to have access to the newest 2023 American Silver Eagle first. You can find these dealers online and locally. The US Mint produces proof, uncirculated, and bullion versions of the silver eagle but doesn’t sell the bullion strikes directly to the public.

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2023 Silver Eagle FAQ

The 2023 American Silver Eagles bullion coins are available now. The US Mint will release the proof coin version of the 2023 Silver Eagle on February 28, 2023.

You can get a 2023 Silver Eagle dollar by purchasing directly from a gold and silver dealer or coin shop. The US Mint only sells proof and circulated versions of the coin.

The face value of the 2023 Silver Eagle along with each mintage of the coin is $1. It’s recognized as legal tender in the US. However, the silver contents give the silver eagle coin a significantly higher numismatic value.

The newest minting of the Silver Eagle isn’t always the best year to buy. In terms of numismatic value, older coins tend to be more sought-after when compared to their newer counterparts. In general, the 1968 Silver Eagles are considered among the most valuable since it was the first year of production. However, 1994-1997 Silver Eagles may be worth more than other years due to low mintage. Limited production tends to confer greater value since there are fewer coins in the market.