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Congressional Study Reveals…

You Could Be Earning Higher Returns on Your Gold Investment…

If you’re like most investors, your first move into gold was bullion — but that’s not your most profitable option.

Investment grade coins offer higher average annual returns than bullion, stocks, 3-month T-bills, CDs, Annuities, and ETFs.

How much higher? See the research-backed report for yourself.

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Investment Grade Coins

The Proven Most Profitable Investment

Investment grade coins outperform most popular investments. But why take our word for it — when you could see the results of Penn State economics professor Raymond E. Lombra’s Congressional study?

Facts and figures like…

…Which popular gold product offers a 200% lower average annual return than investment grade coins

…Exactly how the returns on investment grade coins stack up against stocks, 3-month T-bills, and Treasury Bonds

…The upside potential of investment grade coins versus gold bullion during their 3 top-performing years

Investment Grade Coins

Discover Your Most Profitable & Private Gold Investment

Profit potential is not the only reason to consider investment grade coins. These beauties also offer the greatest privacy and protection from government confiscation. Discover how in your FREE, data-backed report now.

IGC Report Guide

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