“Increased debt does create larger growth in gold prices, so the country is going to be in rough shape, but our clients are going to benefit from their gold positions.”
— Steve Rand, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Senior Precious Metals Advisor

Have you been considering buying gold and silver because you’re worried about the rapidly ballooning national debt ($27 trillion), the falling dollar, and the runaway spending and taxation under the new Democratic administration?

Well, history just gave you another reason to invest in precious metals: Higher Debt Can Bring Higher Gold Prices. How high could the price of gold go? $5,000 an ounce.

Why? It’s happened before. During Obama’s first term. Public debt soared 88%. Gold prices? They skyrocketed. 171%. Read that again: the price of gold rose an astounding 171% during Obama’s first term.

That was then. Why would this happen again?

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Modern Monetary Theory: The Fed’s New Long Game

Because the parallels between Obama’s and Biden’s first terms as president are uncanny, starting with the return of Janet Yellen to the position of power over America’s financial system.

The former Fed Chairwoman who oversaw the massive quantitative easing policies of the Great Recession is now the Treasury Secretary—and she’s on the same page with Jerome Powell about one thing: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). It’s the Fed’s new long game. Not a temporary fix like QE was in 2009. No, they’re going to take this experiment as far as it can go under the Democratic majority.

What if the End Game for their experiment is now, though?

Because if it looks like a ticking time bomb and acts like a ticking time bomb, you know what? It probably is.

Have you taken steps to protect your wealth should MMT blow up America’s financial system? Tomorrow? Or next year?

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