“Our economy is completely based off reaction. The Fed doesn’t plan; it reacts.”
– Eric Sepanek, Founder of Scottsdale Bullion & Coin

Modern Monetary Theory. Sounds like a sophisticated strategy, doesn’t it?

You’d think it has to be considering its diverse and far-reaching applications. Not only has Modern Monetary Theory enabled the government to shut down the nation’s entire economy for nearly a year with hardly a dent to the stock market, but it’s also likely how the new Democratic administration will pay for its huge social programs: the Green New Deal, additional stimulus bills, opening borders, the expansion of welfare, and the list goes on.

That’s A Lot of Money.

How’s the Fed’s coming up with all of it? Not GDP. No, America’s not trading goods and services for all those dollars. The Fed’s printing them by the trillions. Just like Venezuela did. Just like Zimbabwe did. Just like Germany did after World War I.1

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You know how unfettered money printing turned out for those countries? Hyperinflation.

You’re already seeing it in the equities, housing, and Bitcoin markets. All are at all-time highs. Bubbles everywhere.

What if the only thing advanced about Modern Monetary Theory is the name?

Governments have been bailing themselves out by printing money for ages. The result is always the same: widespread, systematic failure of the financial system and worthless cash.

Perhaps that’s why, as precious metals advisor Eric Sepanek explains on AZTV’s The Mike Broomhead show (see above video), the investors with the largest stock portfolios are cashing out now and moving their wealth into tangible assets. Unlike the rest of the country—the Fed included—they’re planning ahead because they know the End Game is Now.

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