If you want to buy silver, you should BUY NOW because…

…WallStreetSilver is at it again. The group of Reddit silver crusaders who made news headlines for disrupting the silver market last February plans to strike on May 1st with the SilverSqueeze 2.0. Supporters around the world are urged to buy 100 ounces of silver each on Saturday.

Just imagine what this massive spike in demand could do to already-strained silver supplies.

  • Silver Prices Could Soar: the last SilverSqueeze shot the price of silver up to $30 an ounce for the first time since 2013.1
  • Physical Supply of Silver Is Scarce: demand for physical silver surged so high during the last SilverSqueeze that Scottsdale Bullion & Coin NEARLY RAN OUT OF SILVER BULLION. The U.S. Mint, the Perth Mint, and the Canadian Mint are already SOLD OUT.

YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS: the SilverSqueeze 2.0 will be much different—potentially market-shattering different.

Could the Silver Squeeze 2.0 Break the Market?

There are two forces at play in the market right now that could seriously compound the impact of the SilverSqueeze 2.0:

1) Bitcoin Dropped on April 18, 2021

Bitcoin crashes dominated news headlines again last week. Mainstream media attributed the latest crash to the U.S. Treasury’s planned crackdown on financial institutions for alleged money laundering…

…BUT a crypto-industry insider had the REAL SCOOP: power outages in China took down the server farms on which the blockchain runs.2,3 Yet another reason not to be fooled by the so-called “digital gold.”

Realizing how easy it is for China to pull the plug on their fortunes, investors unloaded the cryptocurrency in droves, triggering an 18% price drop.

Should the mass exodus from Bitcoin continue, guess which alternative assets investors could flock to next? GOLD and SILVER. Just in time for the SilverSqueeze 2.0.

Should the mass exodus from Bitcoin continue, guess which alternative assets investors could flock to next? GOLD and SILVER. Just in time for the SilverSqueeze 2.0.

2) Inflation Is Undeniable Now

“We’re all seeing inflation. Everybody going to the grocery store. We’re feeling it in our pocketbooks,”
explained precious metals advisor Joe Elkjer in the video above.

The Fed would like to pretend we don’t have to worry about inflation anymore because we have QE and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and whatever other convenient “economic theory” they want to justify one of the oldest and most insidious tricks in the book with: currency debasement.

Consumer prices don’t lie. Over the last 12 months, prices for clothes, groceries, cars, houses—you name it—rose 2.6%.4 The situation could get worse as the economy reopens and Americans start spending the $2 trillion they banked during the pandemic.5

Will the Fed address inflation in its FOMC meeting this week? Watch the video above for precious metals advisors Joe Elkjer and Curtis Frank’s full analysis.

You know which assets can safeguard your savings from the ravages of inflation? Gold and Silver. Just wait and watch as inflation explodes precious metals prices.

Your Time to Buy Silver Is Running Out

Because in just 3 days, it might not be a question of how much you can buy silver for but if you can buy silver at all. Supply is that low.

Thousands of investors buying silver to squeeze the market, to diversify away from the dollar, and Bitcoin, and to protect against inflation could just be the tipping point.

Have you bought silver yet?

If not, you still have time to invest in silver. The smart way…

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