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“Tipping Point” for Gold & Silver Prices on May 1, 2021?

As the bullion banks, led by JP Morgan, continue to sell gold and silver in the paper markets and artificially keep the paper prices down, one has to wonder when/if this illegal price manipulation will ever end. As per Bill Murphy of, a certain amount of physical inventory is required to allow the banks to keep hitting gold and silver AND it appears the necessary physical supply is running out. So, given the massive demand worldwide for physical has caused a severe drop in available supply, gold and silver prices might be at a “tipping point”.

China, Russia and India are currently buying massive amounts of gold. In fact, Reuters just reported the following, “CHINA OPENS ITS BORDERS TO MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR GOLD IMPORTS:  China has given domestic and international banks permission to import large amounts of gold into the country ….”  Plus, keep in mind when these central banks purchase physical gold, it permanently comes off the market, while reducing available supply. At both the retail and wholesale levels, physical gold and silver are becoming scarcer, causing premiums to rise and delays in delivery. In some cases, certain types of physical gold and silver are simply not available at all.

Helping undermine the bullion banks manipulation and bringing worldwide attention to their scheme has been In a concentrated effort on February 1, people all over the planet bought physical and paper silver, causing a huge disturbance in the market. Now, another powerful “movement” is underway. Craig Hempke of TF Metals Report and Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics, in conjunction with Wall Street Silver, are encouraging everyone worldwide to buy at least 100oz of physical silver on May 1, with the goal of 100,000 people stepping up to the plate.

Whether May 1 is the “tipping point” or not, the handwriting is on the wall and the bullion banks must know their open short paper positions are in trouble. Time is running out as demand for physical gold and silver is exploding and supplies are waning. Time is running out as many key commodity prices are booming, indicating higher inflation to come. Time is running out as money supply surges, with no end in sight. And time is running out as the dollar is doomed.

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Of course, another dollar alternative is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but maybe after these two recent headlines, one might want to reconsider:

bitcoin price headline

Cryptocurrency market saw $300 billion wiped from its overall value in the space of a few hours …..”

turkish crypto exchange headline

Local media reports say that Faruk Fatih Ozer, Thodex’s founder, has flown to Albania, taking $2 billion of investors’ funds with him …

And lastly, a few words from Mike Savage of Raymond James, to keep those wheels in your brain spinning …

“According to Bank of America, more “money” has flowed into stock funds in the past 5 months than did in the last 12 YEARS. In the past 12 years $452 Billion went into stock funds while in the last 5 months over $569 Billion went in. As a matter of fact, margin debt is more than double what it was in 2008. “Investors” and I use that term lightly, are over-the-top bullish. This, at a time when you are grossly overpaying for most companies while our economy remains in freefall with no end in sight. The propaganda machine is running at full speed to promote the recovery story, but the numbers don’t add up to a great recovery. About the only thing that appears to be happening is that the decline is decelerating. Over 17 million are still on unemployment. Another 540,000 people filed first-time unemployment claims last week and over 100 MILLION are long-term unemployed and not counted in the “official” numbers.

The decay of our economic system is being hidden by massive spending by governments, “printing” by central banks and manipulation of all prices to keep everyone as clueless as possible. It appears to be working.

Banks are reporting record deposits at the same time all this is going on. My opinion is that one of the greatest risks of our time is having “money” in the bank where you are an unsecured creditor of the bank (one of the last to get paid in a default) and where many banks are more like gambling casinos than the bank’s we remember from just a few decades ago.

I am EXTREMELY worried that the value of that “money” is being destroyed FAR faster than one in a million can detect. If the “printing” were to stop many of these banks could be insolvent in no time. If the “printing” continues- what is the value of something that can be conjured up out of nowhere, produces nothing and is virtually UNLIMITED?

I believe it is time to purchase REAL STUFF. Things that cannot be keystroked into existence. Real assets provide the fodder we need to have a functioning society and economy. All else is smoke and mirrors. I believe that very shortly people will start to realize that inflation has been far higher than reported and I don’t believe we have seen anything yet.

Gold and silver also appear to be grossly undervalued to me. But of course, by the time the majority of the public “gets it”, it will be FAR too late to do anything about it.”