Gold demand has been dominating the news cycle as central banks, institutional inventors, and retail investors scoop up massive amounts. However, it isn’t the only precious metal breaking records. A groundbreaking report has revealed the staggering demand for silver over the past few years.

Watch this week’s The Gold Spot to hear Precious Metals Advisors Todd Graf & Tim Murphy explain the supply and demand imbalance, why physical silver purchases are ramping up, and how investors should respond.

The Silver Institute Report

The Silver Institute releases an annual in-depth review of silver’s global supply and demand. This year’s report revealed that silver demand outpaced supply in both 2021 and 2022. The unprecedented surge in silver buying was enough to overturn more than a decade of surplus activity, leading many investors to worry about the future.

In 2022 alone, demand for silver jumped up 18% from the already record-breaking level the year prior. In total, global investors bought 1.242 billion ounces of silver bullion bars and coins despite worldwide supplies only totaling 1.004 billion ounces. This imbalance is supposed to worsen in 2023 as demand continues to rise and supplies stagnate.

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Investors & Industry Binge on Silver

Silver supplies remained relatively unchanged over the past few years, leaving heightened demand to blame for the deficit. Central banks in China, India, and Russia along with wealthy individuals have been taking advantage of artificially low silver prices to hedge against rising inflation and other economic pressures. At the same time, the industrial need for silver is reaching new heights as businesses produce electric vehicles and solar panels at an unrivaled pace.

Future Supply & Demand Issues

The disparity between the supply and demand for silver is anticipated to worsen in the future. There aren’t many efforts to increase the availability of silver products, and demand is ramping up with no signs of slowing down. On the industrial front, silver is a functional metal used in a variety of future-proof devices and technologies. When it comes to investor demand, people are increasingly losing faith in the US dollar and the banking system. Precious metals such as silver are highly sought-after for their ability to preserve wealth, especially during economic downturns.

Buy Gold & Silver Now. Don’t Wait


“You need to be in [precious metals] right now to protect yourself. It’s a critical time in our history.”
– Precious Metals Advisors Tim Murphy

The increased demand for silver is driving up premiums on Silver Eagles and other gold and silver coins, leading some investors to wait for lower gold and silver prices. However, it’s important to note that silver prices are notoriously volatile. When they go, they tend to moonshot. As a result, it’s virtually impossible to time the silver market perfectly. You’re much better off getting in now before prices move even higher.

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