Price of Gold Weekly Recap: July 17 – July 21, 2017  

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gold price recap

A week of steadily building gold buying momentum opened on Monday with an initial bid of $1,235.71. Light trading saw little movement in the price of gold and a final bid of $1,234.42. Steady buying after the close produced a bump in prices for a Tuesday open of $1,240.87, and despite some consolidation, the closing… Read more »

Augustus St. Gaudens’ Double Eagle Proof Coins

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st guadens double eagle

The early 20th century yielded some of the most brilliant coinage in the country’s history, with Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle serving as the paragon. Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle: An Artistic and Political Feat The high relief coinage of ancient Greece was the inspiration for Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle, and, indeed, it took a herculean effort on… Read more »

Will Gold Rally in 2017?

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gold bullion on rising charts

A recent report from CNBC supported a strong gold price forecast for 2017. Noting that gold is already up 6 percent for 2017, the item discussed growing activity in gold futures contracts for Q2 2017. Specifically, one trader made a $1.5 million bet on the yellow metal. Why is the market anticipating a gold rally? 1… Read more »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: July 10 – July 14, 2017  

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silver price recap

Silver investors returned to the market last week to seize buying opportunities. After opening Monday at $15.37, live silver prices rapidly moved up 33 cents before profit taking shaved a few cents off to close at $16.67. Consolidation in afterhours trading resulted in a Tuesday opening of $15.65, but steady buying took the price of silver… Read more »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: July 10 – July 14, 2017  

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gold price recap

The yellow metal found new traction in the markets last week after opening at $1,209.73 on Monday. With periodic adjustments throughout the day the closing bid was up nearly five dollars at $1,214.15. Tuesday opened with gold prices at $1,211.05, but steady trading sent the price to $1,217.41 by the close. Aftermarket trading added three… Read more »

30-Gram Chinese Gold Panda Coin

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chinese gold panda coin 1 oz

Sought after the world over, Chinese Gold Panda coins can be as rare as the cherished and engendered creature from which they take their name. 30-Gram Chinese Gold Panda Coin: A Collector and Investor Favorite The 30-Gram Chinese Gold Panda coin is somewhat of an anomaly in the world of coins in that it straddles… Read more »