Price of Gold Weekly Recap: August 7 – August 11, 2017

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gold price recap

The historical price of gold chart reported a 2.3 percent rise for the yellow metal last week. Monday opened with the price of gold at $1,258.01, and light trading took this number to $1,257.92 by the end of the day. Aftermarket buying pushed the Tuesday opening up nearly five dollars to $1,262.66; the day closed… Read more »

Historically Low Interest Rates Here to Stay

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federal reserve building

The Federal Open Market Committee, the agency responsible for the U.S. Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, did not announce plans for new interest rate increases during its July meeting. The government entity continues to use its bully pulpit to signal an improving economy, but this delay was just one of a number of recent signs that… Read more »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: July 31 – August 4, 2017  

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silver price recap

The price of silver chart reported a Monday opening bid of $16.84, and light trading left that number unchanged by the close. Selling pressure showed up in afterhours trading, however, and the Tuesday opening price of silver was $16.75 an ounce. This trend continued as the day closed out at a bid of $16.65. The Wednesday… Read more »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: July 31 – August 4, 2017  

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gold price recap

The week’s gold trading opened on a buying trend that saw an initial bid of $1,269.11 and close slightly up at 1,269.27 on Monday. Tuesday’s open of $1,271.11 showed strength from aftermarket buying, but selling took the closing bid to $1,267.24. More aftermarket trading resulted in a strong Wednesday opening of $1,270.65, which selling again sent to… Read more »

NEWS ALERT: Gold Rallies Amid U.S. Tensions with North Korea

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north korea gold news

Gold Prices Are On the Move. Now’s the Time to Buy! Gold prices are rallying as tensions between the United States and North Korea hit a boiling point. Prices shot up more than $17 an ounce to $1,279.30 a day after President trump issued a dire warning to North Korea that the country would experience… Read more »