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Metals Market Weekly Recap: Jun. 26, 2020

Wise investing starts with watching for price fluctuations in the precious metals market. Spot buying opportunities in our weekly metals market recaps. Get the spot price close; one-week price change; and year-to-date price... Read More »

+$2,000/oz Gold Price in 2020? See What Big Banks Are Forecasting

“Free money.” If you heard it pre-pandemic, you would’ve assumed whoever was offering was a scam artist. But now it’s become the official mantra. Stimulus checks. Unemployment bumps. Back-to-work bonuses. More “free money”... Read More »

How Long Will the Recession Last?

COVID-19 has resulted in the most rapid shutdown of economic activity that the U.S., or the global economy, has ever seen. — Jason Furman, economist and professor at Harvard Kennedy School[1] “Are we... Read More »
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Why Gold Bullion Investors Are Concerned About Government Confiscation

Could Gold Bullion be Confiscated Again? As the comparisons between the COVID-19 Recession and the Great Depression grow, many investors are asking if the U.S. Government would resort to confiscating gold bullion again.... Read More »

The Gold Confiscation Act of 1933: What You Need to Know

  If you’re like most Americans, you’ve likely heard the comparisons between the COVID-19 Recession and the Great Depression. Looking at the numbers, there are a lot of similarities: the unemployment rate was... Read More »

2 Shocks to America’s Economy. Is the 3rd on the Way?

The pandemic took out America’s economy overnight. Riots dealt the second blow. Fires and looting. Businesses gone forever. COVID-19 cases are rising again. Could a second shutdown do us in for good? Watch... Read More »