Gold Investments Now Sharia Law Compliant Under New Standard

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sharia law gold investments

Late 2016 marked a turning point in the world of investing in gold, as changes in Islamic Religious Law (Sharia Law) opened the market to 25 percent of the global population. Historically, gold has been the preferred tool of wealth preservation of Muslims; however, fragmented and confusing interpretations of Sharia Law prevented many from investing… Read more »

Rising Interest Rates & Gold

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The recent action by the Fed’s Open Market Committee to raise interest rates created what some see as a surprising boost to gold prices. 1 The price increase was unexpected because rising interest rates typically place downward pressure on the price of the yellow metal, which does not pay dividends or periodic interest like other assets…. Read more »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: March 27 – March 31, 2017

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silver price recap

Silver attracted steady buying throughout the week, which was marked by successive highs for the precious metal. The spot silver price chart showed silver six cents above the $18 mark early Monday, and a daily high of $18.11 was notched in by midafternoon. Tuesday’s trading easily came back from after-hours profit taking to set another high… Read more »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: March 27 – March 31, 2017

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gold price recap

Gold prices saw a solid start of $1,257.82 on Monday. Selling caused the yellow metal to open just three cents below the Monday price at $1,257.79 on Tuesday. The cycle continued into Wednesday morning, when the spot gold price chart reported $1,253.33 following a dip during after-hours trading. A narrow range of light trading kept… Read more »

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Indicate to Buy Gold Now

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gold bullion stock market

When an investor buys or sells gold, they are part of a global market driven by numerous and varied objectives, such as making a profit, achieving liquidity, seeking a safe haven, or commercial use. Traders rely on one of two techniques to decide when to buy gold: fundamental or technical analysis. Fundamental analysis has supported… Read more »

Gold Demand to Drive Price Uptick in 2017

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The World Gold Council recently released its comprehensive “Gold Demand Trends” report for 2016. The analysis provides a number of interesting insights to factors influencing gold prices, and the overall conclusions are bullish for the yellow metal in 2017. 1 Investing in Gold Soars Of particular note to long-term investors is the continued movement of “smart… Read more »