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Price of Gold Weekly Recap: September 18 – September 22, 2017  

The gold price chart reported a Monday opening of $1,312.42 and close of $1,307.98. Support in afterhours trading brought the Tuesday opening price in at $1,310.24, and light buying absorbed some early selling and... Read More »

Can You Hack-Proof Your Savings?

Will the Next Big Hack Wipe Out Your Money? Jump to a section within this guide: The Equifax Hack Victimized 143 Million People. Are you One of Them? How Should You Respond to... Read More »

What Is Diversification?

The financial markets have never been as complex and troubled as they are today, creating a major challenge to prudent investing. At the same time, investors have never had such effective tools to... Read More »
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Price of Silver Weekly Recap: September 11 – September 15, 2017  

The opening bell on Monday rang on a $17.87 trade and moved to a daily high of $17.90 before selling took the close to $17.83. Lives silver prices were the same on Tuesday... Read More »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: September 11 – September 15, 2017  

After opening Monday at $1,334.99 the yellow metal saw some light selling, with the price of gold pulling back to $1,328.94 by the close. Gold prices opened on Tuesday at $1,326.81. Buying throughout... Read More »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: September 4 – September 8, 2017  

The gold market has garnered global attention as prices continue to break records. Last week, gold process opened at $1,334.51 on Monday and, after a day of light trading, closed at $1,333.89. Market... Read More »