morgan silver dollar The Morgan Silver Dollars is an iconic chapter in the rich story of US coinage. Famed for being the first silver dollar minted following the Coinage Act of 1873 and renowned for its timeless design, this classic coin has captured the imaginations and investments of Americans for decades.

Why Morgan Silver Dollars Are a Good Investment


Morgan Silver Dollars are often cited as the most commonly purchased coin in the country and the world. This popularity comes with a slew of benefits for investors such as a wealth of information, clear estimations of value, and high liquidity. This popularity provides the resources you need to make smart decisions when investing in Morgan Silver Dollars which translates to less risk.


Purity is a crucial factor when considering the value of silver coins. Generally, the higher a coin’s purity, the higher its value. Fortunately, all Morgan Silver Dollars have at least 90% silver purity. Although many versions have inherent value beyond their silver content, this standard purity rating ensures all Morgan Dollars are powerful wealth vehicles.

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Since production began in 1878, the US Mint has released more than 650 million Morgan Silver Dollars. Although only a fraction survives today, there’s a significant range of value among the remaining Morgan Dollars. This variation in price is due to differences in rarity, condition, grade, age, and more.

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For example, Carson City Morgan Dollars tend to fetch impressive values because of their immense scarcity. On the other hand, recently minted modern Morgan Dollars are sold for slightly above their melt value. This rich variety in value makes it easier for investors of all budgets to find an entry point that makes sense for them.


Anytime you can make an investment without sacrificing your privacy is a major win. In most cases, the government doesn’t require you to submit your social security number or a 1099 tax form when investing in Morgan Silver Dollars. So investing in historic Morgan Silver Dollar coins without having to give the government more info can be a positive for some investors. This isn’t the case with all precious metal assets, making this coin a great option for private-conscious investors.


The factors that make Morgan Silver Dollars valuable investments only compound with time. Silver prices are expected to rise in 2024 and beyond. Historic Morgan Dollars only become…well, more historic. Even though the US Mint revamped production of Morgan Silver Dollars in 2021, these are strictly proof coins. This means the value of the surviving circulated versions isn’t jeopardized.


The inherent value of Morgan Silver Dollars means their price action is protected against the ups and downs of traditional markets. While fiat-backed assets experience extreme swings, Morgan Dollars and other investment-grade silver coins tend to see steady price performance. They’re even more stable than silver bullion coins which experience a little more volatility, although not quite as bad as standard markets.

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Considerations When Investing in Morgan Silver Dollars

Many are only worth their weight in silver.

It’s important to note that there are some Morgan Silver Dollars that don’t hold much value beyond their bullion contents. There are plenty of uncirculated versions, especially among the most recent mintings, that have very little rarity, historical significance, or other extrinsic characteristics that would add to their value. Keep an eye out for some sellers that hike up prices on modern, graded bullion coins by convincing investors they hold a value greater than their weight in silver.

There are counterfeit versions in circulation.

Nearly all rare coins have counterfeit versions, but the sheer variety of Morgan Silver Dollars makes it harder to discern the real from the fake. In fact, an Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation (ACEF) survey revealed that nearly 72% of coin dealers came across counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollars. This shouldn’t scare people away from investing in silver dollars but rather drive home the importance of working with reputable dealers.

Are Morgan Silver Dollars a good investment?

It depends on your investment goals, budget, and personal preferences. If you’re looking for a coin with high purity, high liquidity, and high demand, the Morgan Silver Dollar can be a fantastic investment option. Speaking with a professional coin dealer can make it easier to determine if these coins are a good match for your investment goals based on your circumstances. Get in touch with an SBC advisor to discuss Morgan Silver Dollars by calling toll-free at 1-888-812-9892 or using our live chat function.