About Eric Sepanek

If you’re new to precious metals investing, you’re in the right place.

Eric started Scottsdale Bullion & Coin in 2011 because he knew he could build something better for the precious metals industry.

His mission? To educate Americans about the wealth preservation power of precious metals. The Right Way. By sharing the mastery he’d cultivated through years of experience in the industry.

Precious Metals Mastery

You can’t learn precious metals investing in school. Eric might have heard about the gold standard in an economics course at Arcadia High School, but that was it. Nothing about the power of gold during his time at Scottsdale Community College. Nor the University of Arizona.

And certainly not in a traditional financial institution like Wells Fargo, where Eric worked after college.

It wasn’t until Eric started brokering for a large precious metals firm that he honed his knowledge. Trading day in and day out. Watching the markets. Studying the history of coins and money. Steadily, he mastered the metals trade.

In 2011, a small, upstart firm recruited Eric. And he embarked on one of the most invigorating times in his career.

It was a historic year for gold and silver. Their prices soared to record highs. $1,900-an-ounce gold. $50-an-ounce silver.

Eric didn’t just watch. He was on the frontlines buying, selling, and educating.

“It was such an exciting time for me,” he recalls.

Then suddenly, it was over. Without explanation, the firm terminated his contractor agreement. He was without a company through which to broker.

More than a Gold and Silver Dealer

You’ve probably heard the saying, “When one door shuts, another one opens.” But Eric didn’t see any other doors worth knocking on. Because he thought his clients needed more than the average gold and silver dealer.

“More than to be sold to, first they need to be heard. A successful portfolio starts with actively listening to a client’s goals and situation. Next, they need to be educated and properly guided. SBC’s commitment to the resources for research and education of this marketplace is second to none. You will quickly realize this when you explore our website, read one of our many reports, or talk to one of our fantastic Precious Metals Advisors,” explained Eric.

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