kangaroo silver proof coin

Every now and then, a silver coin captures collectors’ and investors’ imagination. One of the current breakout stars in the silver coin market is the 2016 Australian Silver Kangaroo Proof Coin. Sales of silver coins from the Perth Mint, especially the Kangaroo, have doubled over the past year. This outstrips demand for other coins, including the always-popular silver American Eagle coins produced by the U.S. Mint.

Characteristics of the Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin

While the Perth Mint makes coins emblazoned with a number of Australian animals, including the koala and the kookaburra, the kangaroo coins are a runaway favorite.

The blank used for this proof coin is extra thick to give the best presentation to the magnificently detailed high relief designs. A new design is chosen every year, adding to the rarity and collectability of each batch. This year’s features a jumping kangaroo against the Australian wilderness, with a lizard sunning itself in the foreground. It is rimless and depicts a regal profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front.

The two-ounce coin sells from the Perth Mint for $180.91 AUS ($135.34 US). However, the run of coins sold out immediately upon release. They can now only be purchased on the secondary market.

australian silver kangaroo coin proof

Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin Specs:

These coins come in different sizes, ranging from 1 ounce to 5 ounces.
Each coin up to 2015 is .999 pure silver.
The 2016 coin contains a higher purity of .9999 pure silver.
The 2016 coin has a $2 face value.
Limited mintage each year.
Proof coins authenticated by the Perth Mint.

Interesting Facts about the Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin

There are a few things that make this coin, and its popularity, a standout:

  • Demand for this coin is twice as high as anticipated. The Perth Mint thought they would sell around five million a year. To meet demand, they’d have to create 10 million coins.
  • Even before the kangaroo silver coin’s unprecedented popularity, the 117-year-old Perth Mint had to accelerate an expansion of its space to meet production targets for international investors.
  • Only 3,000 of the two-ounce coins were made.

Why This Coin Is a Hit with Investors

Demand for precious metals has continued to rise as the U.S. Federal Reserve has projected lower interest rate growth than anticipated. Gold and silver become more attractive, since investors cannot expect the same returns from interest-bearing investments like U.S. Treasuries than they can from increases in price on precious metals.

The Australian Silver Kangaroo offers a chance to enjoy both a whimsical collectible and an opportunity to capture strong growth as more investors move funds into this sector. Collectors are drawn to the iconic animal on the back of the coin, and find this both a fun and potentially profitable coin. Contact us today to learn more about these silver coins and their place in your collection. Call 1-888-812-9892