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Gold Demand: Spotlight on Gold Coins and Bars

The World Gold Council reported on significant trends in the gold market during Q1 2017. The numbers collected and analyzed by this leading industry organization indicate that many of the more savvy investors are continuing... Read More »

Arizona Governor Approves Bill HB2014 to Make Gold & Silver Legal Tender

The moment that Arizona precious metals investors have been hoping for finally came this week, as Governor Doug Ducey signed Arizona House Bill 2014 into law. The bill eliminates state capital gains taxes... Read More »

Texas to Establish Bullion Depository with HB 3169

The unanimous passage of HB 3169, a bill establishing a bullion depository in Texas, is seen as a victory in the fight against the U.S. Federal Reserve’s money monopoly. This step follows the... Read More »
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Texas Revolution: SB 2097 Would Make Gold & Silver Legal Tender

Joining a movement that is gaining in popularity in numerous states, Texas legislators are considering a measure that would take significant power away from the Federal Reserve. They’ve introduced a bill that would... Read More »

Arizona Bill Could Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender

“If you want to have liberty and limit the size of government, you have to have honest money.” –Ron Paul UPDATED 5/30/2017: The Arizona Senate passed HB2014 on May 10, 2017, and Governor... Read More »

Demand for American Silver Eagle Coins Soars as Supply Shrinks

When it comes to market fundamentals, no two factors are more important than supply and demand. Market prices for any item move up when demand exceeds supply or when demand stays the same... Read More »

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