“Irrational exuberance. It’s something we saw in 2007 and 2008 and are starting to see again now.”
— Steve Rand, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Senior Precious Metals Advisor

Print and spend. Print and spend. Print and spend. It’s the government’s answer to all of our modern monetary problems, and it’s based on nothing more than a theory.

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Scottsdale Bullion & Coin’s Founder Eric Sepanek has been warning you about it for over a year, and now, even Fox News’ own Tucker Carlson is echoing Sepanek’s concern. (Keep reading to see the latest news from Tucker on MMT.)

What Is Modern Monetary Theory?

An amalgam of ideas originating from early 20th century economists. At its core, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) opposes the historically proven definition of money: as a symbol of value and medium of exchange. Goods and services produced for exchange rather than consumption. Commodities.1,2,3

In fact, MMT draws heavily from Chartalism, the economic theory asserting that money has value solely because the government assigns value to it. Chartalism was highly influential in the 20th century, helping to persuade governments to abandon the gold standard for fiat currency.1,2,3

Watch the video above to see precious metals advisors Eric Sepanek and Steve Rand explain the origins and issues with Modern Monetary Theory.

Will Modern Monetary Theory Work?

If you had doubts about the stability and longevity of the fiat currency system, then you should suspect the power of Modern Monetary Theory to solve the fiscal nightmare that system created. Because they are one and the same. Originating from the same ideas. Both an experiment.

Modern Monetary Theory no solution. It’s the catalyst to the next financial crisis.

“If you print money like it’s not worth anything, doesn’t the value of that money decline?” asked Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Watch his discussion of MMT below.

How Can You Can Protect Your Wealth from Modern Monetary Theory?

Not by following the Fed’s lead and ignoring the nearly $28 trillion in national debt and rising real inflation.

Not by mortgaging your house to get in on the latest cryptocurrency or tech stocks craze.

Not by ignoring the fact it’s End Game for the Fed’s monetary experiment.

Because when your bank account’s full of worthless cash, you know what?

You need some gold to protect against inflation and economic chaos. From RIGHT NOW.

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