“Don’t wait to buy your gold. Buy your gold and wait.”
— Eric Sepanek, Founder of Scottsdale Bullion & Coin

Have you noticed? Prices for just about everything are up. Why? Because inflation is up, exceeding the Biden Administration’s expectations by 2x when it hit 6.8% last August. The situation’s causing concerns about stagflation because economists predict an economic slowdown right about now. Even the Fed, who’s claimed inflation will be transitory for months now, is worried, calling inflation one of its two “Wild Card” scenarios that could prevent the unwinding of its balance sheets next year.

What’s the Fed’s other “Wild Card”? Precious metals advisor Eric Sepanek will tell you. Watch his interview with AZTV’s Mike Broomhead now to find out.

How can you protect your savings? Get the facts about hyper-inflation. What you know could just save your wealth from extreme currency debasement.