“What’s going on in China is a bigger deal than people realize…China’s real estate bubble has been growing for over a decade now…and this is going to crash.”
Todd Graf, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metals Advisor

Why aren’t more people talking about China’s real estate bubble?

It’s not pretty, but the housing bubble in China is about to burst. And when it does, we expect to see a massive influx of investment away from real estate and into gold and silver. Will you be ready to take advantage of these price gains for precious metals?

Watch as Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metal Advisors warn of a HUGE potential threat to the global economy—China’s inflated real estate market.

Why China’s Real Estate Market Is Positioned To Crash Soon

What do you get when you combine over-ambitious, over-inflated real estate companies building apartments and housing projects in the hopes that people will move in—and then they never do? GHOST CITIES.

China’s hyper-inflated real estate market has already been creating “ghost cities” for the past decade! In short, Chinese real estate companies have borrowed huge amounts of money from major world banks to build massive housing developments that have FAILED.

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And now, we are seeing the negative effects of this overbuilding craze. With all the overbuilding and overborrowing, it was only a matter of time before the housing bubble burst.

And now, China’s LARGEST real estate firm, Evergrande, has officially stopped paying interest. This indicates that they are in a really bad position, with SERIOUS liquidity issues. This is a bigger deal than most people realize.

China is a rapidly industrializing country full of billions of people entering the middle class. Unfortunately, these behemoth companies have made MAJOR miscalculations, and the consequences are about to ROCK the entire world.

If Evergrande goes down, which looks to be happening, then this will cause FINANCIAL PAIN everywhere. Evergrande is showing us the first sign of more serious financial issues, and we think this could be a triggering event for a cascade of future banking troubles.

And we all already know: Weakness in Chinese markets have a domino effect on the whole global economy.

It’s like the Chinese version of the Lehmann Brothers.

A $300 billion Ponzi scheme.

And the gig is up.

The bubble is starting to burst.

The good news for gold? Culturally, China already values gold and silver. They already buy gold. We think investors in China are going to start realizing the advantages of storing wealth in gold and silver now more than ever.

So, we can reasonably expect a mass exodus from real estate into physical gold and silver, which could raise gold and silver prices dramatically.

U.S. Markets Negatively Anticipate Biden’s Tax Plan

Plus, on the home front, President Biden’s tax proposals include higher taxes on individuals and businesses, as well as greater capital gains taxes. If his policies are approved, this could send ripples throughout the stock market over the next few months, positioning precious metals for another upturn.

Are you ready to take advantage of this boon for gold and silver?

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Watch the video to hear from Precious Metals Advisors Damian White and Todd Graf about what’s brewing in the gold and silver markets—both in China and on home soil.

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