“After the housing crash, enhanced rules and regulations were placed on international banks to prevent another financial crisis like in 2008. Basel III shuts down banks’ ability to leverage unallocated assets. The most important thing to know is that once Basel III takes effect, the real supply of physical silver versus paper silver is going to make a huge boom in the marketplace.
— Eric Sepanek, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Founder and Precious Metals Advisor

There’s no denying it: Basel III is the regulatory juggernaut that could end silver market manipulation. Especially because Basel III won’t act alone. Rather, Basel III, the #SilverSqueeze, and Inflation are a trifecta set to remake the silver market.

What Is the Silver Squeeze?

Basel III could accelerate the efforts of Wall Street Silver, the Reddit group behind the Silver Squeeze. What is the Silver Squeeze? The Silver Squeeze is a concerted effort by these investors to stop the big bullion banks’ silver market manipulation. How? By taking delivery on silver futures and purchasing large quantities of physical silver. Their ultimate goal is to “squeeze” the market and increase silver prices.

Inflation: The Final Catalyst to Real Gold and Silver Prices

Add inflation into the factors influencing silver prices, and you could see record prices for silver—and gold.

“There’s far more cash trying to chase physical assets because we’re suffering the bite of inflation, and supply in all of these markets is becoming extraordinarily thin,” explained Eric Sepanek. Watch his full analysis of the forces about to set off a physical silver rally on AZTV’s Mike Broomhead show. WATCH NOW.

It’s a well-known fact that silver and gold can help you hedge against inflation. The key is purchasing gold and silver before the steep premiums that could culminate as a result of Basel III, the #SilverSqueeze, and inflation. If you don’t want to worry about market volatility, however, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying the right silver products. Learn how… order your FREE Silver Investor Report today.

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