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Safeguarding Your Wealth Amid The Disintegration of The Petrodollar

Just a few months ago, the petrodollar was an obscure topic primarily understood by professional investors, political strategists, and other subject matter experts. Now, the issue has been forced into the public consciousness... Read More »

Gold & Silver Bullion vs Investment Grade Coins: Which is the Right Market for You?

“Investment grade coins are a people’s market and a way for people to find great privacy and protection.” – Eric Sepanek, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Founder Investors are always looking for ways to... Read More »

Era Of Fake Money Is Gone

Thanks to decades of artificially low interest rates and tens of trillions of dollars created from thin air: stocks, bonds and real estate bubbled to heights never seen before. Not even close. Unfortunately,... Read More »
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Inflation in the Economy: What’s Causing It & What Should Investors Do?

Just weeks after dropping the narrative of a transitory inflationary rate, the Federal Reserve is already talking about the need to raise interest rates and take other active measures to curb inflation. The... Read More »

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Make Your Precious Metals IRA Contributions

As the tax year comes to a close, people are eagerly looking for ways to reduce their dues to Uncle Sam. Moving money into retirement accounts is a fantastic way to limit taxable... Read More »

Inflation vs Hyperinflation: How to Protect Your Money from Devaluation

Whether you’re listening to the radio, watching the news, or reading the paper, you’re being bombarded with warnings of hyperinflation. Are things being blown out of proportion or should you be worried about... Read More »

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