Ron Paul Warns of Coming Turmoil in the Financial Markets

Recently, Ron Paul took to the internet air waves to give his report and viewpoint on the state of the U.S. and world economies. It is fair to say that he is not... Read More »

Alan Greenspan Worried About Economy – Says Put Your Money in Gold

As the Federal Open Market Committee was preparing to announce that Quantitative Easing was coming to an end on Wednesday, former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations.... Read More »

False Promises, Poor Execution and Soaring Costs: Obamacare Deconstructed

Democrats and others who support Obamacare have been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to defend the new health insurance plan. There have been numerous Congressional hearings, and to say the least,... Read More »
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Disintegration of the Petrodollar

The Petrodollar, Part 2: Dies with a Whimper? – Available Now! Get Your FREE Access Today – Click HereLearn everything you should know about investing in precious metals.Request the Free Guide In these... Read More »

Why Ron Paul Is Holding Gold

“Believe me, the printing is going to continue, the value of the dollar is going to go down and gold will go up.” – Ron PaulLearn everything you should know about investing in... Read More »

How China’s Yuan is Surpassing the U.S. Dollar – Video

China’s rise as a world power has been well documented. Not only does China have huge trade and budgetary surpluses, but their military is now one of the largest in the world. Also,... Read More »

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