“We’re seeing a noticeable squeeze on the product supply [of gold and silver]. More and more people are buying; fewer people are selling.”
– Precious Metals Advisor John Karow

The Federal Reserve’s hail-mary strategy of increasing interest rates has duped some people into believing our financial leaders have a handle on the situation. Watch the video to hear Precious Metals Advisor John Karow & Founder Eric Sepanek shed some light on what’s really going on and how it’s impacting the physical gold and silver market.

What’s Going on Behind the Fed’s Curtain

The Federal Reserve’s most recent meeting saw interest rates jump another 75 basis points which took nobody by surprise. However, that wasn’t the only implication of the Central Bank’s economic huddle. Jerome Powell made it clear that the government is committed to repeating past mistakes.

The Fed Chairman vowed to follow in the footsteps of early predecessor Paul Volcker who is famous for pushing interest rates to unprecedented levels in an attempt to curb The Great Inflation of the 70s. The glaring issue with this strategy is the Central Bank’s obsessive marriage to the creation of money out of thin air.

A Billion Dollars Isn’t What It Used to Be

The government’s spending spree has been heating up since Biden took office with no end in sight. The Fed has been complicit in these ill-advised campaigns because of its willingness to flip on the printer whenever more money is needed. It seems there’s a ploy by our financial elites to convince the American people that a billion isn’t really that much money.

This begs the question if the Fed meetings are a chance to discuss the economic agenda or spread propaganda. A closer look at Powell’s recent about-face suggests the latter. In a single meeting, the Fed Chair contradicted himself multiple times by saying rising employment isn’t a concern and entering a recession isn’t the worst-case scenario.

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The Threat of Stagflation

Economic experts, seasoned investors, and those old enough to remember are keeping a watchful eye on the potential of stagflation. The horrific trifecta of high inflation, slow economic growth, and increasing unemployment wreaked havoc on the economy in the 1970s, and many people are seeing a similar pattern in today’s struggling economy.

Experts are warning that the Fed’s current strategy for fighting inflation could cost 1.2 million jobs. This would come on the back of rising inflation and a slowing economy – completing the deadly recipe for stagflation which can stick around for decades.

Surging Physical Gold and Silver Demand Causing Supply Shortages

The specter of complete economic fallout is leading to a gold and silver rush as people seek to hedge against inflation and protect their wealth from the impact of the Fed’s poor economic policies. This demand surge is leading to a shortage of physical gold and silver as investors, central banks, and institutions seek shelter from the economic storm.

Precious metals providers are seeing a squeeze on the supply of gold and silver coins, gold bullion bars, and silver bullion bars product is harder and harder to come by. Shipping issues are posing another obstacle to obtaining physical gold and silver as supply chain concerns mount. These pressures are causing precious metal premiums to jump too.

Don’t Wait to Buy Gold and Silver, Buy Gold and Silver and Wait

Precious metals prices are currently recessed, but that’s not going to last long. The combination of raging inflation, rapidly deteriorating supplies, and geopolitical uncertainty give gold and silver prices plenty of room to run. The tried-and-true investment strategy is to buy gold and silver and wait instead of waiting to buy gold and silver.

It’s time to lock in these lower prices while you still can before the supply shortage and shipping issues reach a fever pitch. Speak with one of our precious metals advisors by using our live chat function or calling 1 (888) 812-9892 to learn about gold and silver availabilities and prices.