“The Fed can only print money, and they know if they stop then the whole system collapses. It’s a house of cards.”
— Damian White, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metals Advisor

Are you following the Fed’s lead? Building a paper house? A house of cards?

When you could choose gold?

No, it’s not as fast as paper. You can’t erect a mansion in a day. But the wind won’t knock it over in a second either.

Because gold is built to last. Longer than the dollar. Longer than this monetary experiment.

And when it comes to your financial future, what’s more important? Fast or stable?

Gold wins.

Even the Fed knows that. That’s why the Central Bank’s been buying up gold like it’s Black Friday. For years.

And the losers? Watch the video above to find out. See precious metals experts Eric Sepanek and Damian White forecast the fate of this 107-year experiment we call the Federal Reserve.

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