“What we’re seeing is an opportunity to get into a market that’s softening. And most people tend to want to wait to buy until the prices start going back up. That’s really counterproductive if you’re trying to get gold at a good price for future growth and investment.”
— John Karow, Precious Metals Advisor at Scottsdale Bullion & Coin

If you’re like most Americans, you wait all year for Black Friday. Because you’re smart. You know you can get the best deals that day.

So why not approach gold investing the same way?

Just like that iPhone you’ve waited so long to buy, gold offers strong value. STRONGER EVEN. Because next year won’t bring a new model of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle.

And the fundamentals? They’re better too! $27-trillion-of-national-debt-eroding-the-value-of-every-dollar-in-your-pocket better. (Watch the above video for more on this from advisors John Karow and Joe Elkjer.)

“YOU NEED SOME GOLD.” Listen to Jim Cramer.

And there’s no smarter time to buy gold, then right now. During the temporary pullback before gold prices skyrocket to $3,000/oz like big banks predict.