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Price of Silver Weekly Recap: December 11 – December 15, 2017  

Silver prices started the week off last Monday at $15.79 and slipped just $0.05 in the day’s trading to close at $15.74. Tuesday opened with the price of silver at the low point... Read More »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: December 11 – December 15, 2017  

The gold price history chart reported that last Monday opened at $1,247.58 and continued to pullback to close the day out at $1,242.97. Tuesday opened at the low for the week of $1,237.23,... Read More »

Bitcoin Cash Exchange Accused of Insider Trading

The perception of Bitcoin as a vehicle closely associated with nefarious and illegal activity was enhanced this week as allegations of insider trading against Coinbase Inc., one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in... Read More »
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Gold & Silver Futures: Physical Precious Metals Price Predictors

Long-term investors in physical gold and silver often watch for headlines such as these: “Silver futures rises to Rs 41,715 per kg.” It is not because they have any interest in investing in... Read More »

Gold Buffalo Coin vs Canadian Maple Leaf

Looking for a graduation gift with historical significance? Or perhaps you just want to find a way to diversify your investments? Either way, the Gold Buffalo Coin and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin make terrific gifts... Read More »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: December 4 – December 8, 2017

Silver prices opened in the midst of a pullback this week at $16.34, but recovered slightly to end the day on Monday up at $16.35. Tuesday saw live silver prices open at $16.27... Read More »