NEWS ALERT: Gold Rallies Amid U.S. Tensions with North Korea

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Gold Prices Are On the Move. Now’s the Time to Buy! Gold prices are rallying as tensions between the United States and North Korea hit a boiling point. Prices shot up more than $17 an ounce to $1,279.30 a day after President trump issued a dire warning to North Korea that the country would experience… Read more »

2016 Platinum American Eagle Proof Coin

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Capturing the core American values of peace, liberty, and enlightenment in one of the world’s rarest precious metals, the 2016 American Eagle platinum proof coins are a promising addition to any investment portfolio or collection. Limited “Torches of Liberty” Design Throughout the 235-plus year history of the U.S. Mint, Lady Liberty has taken many forms… Read more »

Price of Silver Weekly Recap: July 24 – July 28, 2017  

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The historic silver price chart indicated that the white metal opened at $16.54 last Monday and closed at $16.49 due to light day trading. The opening bid for Tuesday was 30 cents higher at $16.60, but profit taking resulted in a close for the day of $16.48. Wednesday’s opening bid was essentially unaffected by aftermarket… Read more »

Price of Gold Weekly Recap: July 24 – July 28, 2017  

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The gold price history chart indicated that the yellow metal traded above the psychologically important $1,250 mark for most of last week. Monday opened with gold prices at $1256.34, and light trading in a narrow range resulted in a close of $1,255.08. Tuesday’s initial orders came in at $1,254.54 before a period of light selling… Read more »

Should You Clean Old Coins?

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Coin collecting is a practice as old as money, and has been referred to as “the hobby of kings.” 1 Have you had a coin collection for decades, or did you just inherit one from a relative? Do the coins look tarnished and dirty? Before you start scrubbing, you might want to consult a coin… Read more »

History of Platinum as a Precious Metal Investment 

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Platinum is one of the purest precious metals on earth, but it’s more common on the moon than our planet. It is the least reactive metal known to man and has an extremely high melting point, which makes it very useful in a host of industrial applications. However, investment in platinum metal does not have as long… Read more »