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Why America’s $3.5 Trillion “Safety Net” Could Mean $3,000/Oz Gold Prices

“America is on a much different path since this new administration took over than it’s ever been before.” — Eric Sepanek, Founder of Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Did you hear the news? The... Read More »

Fake Money

Markets are markets and will always fluctuate, sometimes defying logic and reason.  Gold, as well as any other market, has typified this trading phenomenon at times over its 20-year bull market.  For example, today’s... Read More »

Could Your IRA Portfolio Handle Another 60% Drop in the Market?

“Many Americans lost an awful lot in the last crash, and they’re not in the same position to be able to withstand another 50% to 60% drop.” — Steve Rand, Scottsdale Bullion &... Read More »
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Guess Who Bought the Most Gold in 2020?

“There’s an old courthouse square saying that figures lie and liars figure. The Fed keeps changing the inflation numbers, yet their behavior tells us they believe gold is a hedge, and they keep... Read More »

Dollar’s Days Are Numbered

Each day gold and silver continue to meander around current levels, is one more day closer to the resumption of gold and silver’s long term bull market. Why? Because relative to the rising... Read More »

Is Inflation “Transitory” or Accelerating? See the Data

“Something is going to snap the market, and the little guy’s going to get blown up like always.” — Damian White, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin precious metals advisor Will Biden’s tax plan do... Read More »