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Gold IRA Pros and Cons

More and more Americans are taking advantage of bargain gold prices by adding the yellow metal to their retirement portfolios. Is a self-directed precious metals IRA the right move for you? Weighing the... Read More »

 World Gold Council Reports Jump in Q3 Gold Demand

Investors, consumers, and even central banks took advantage of bargain gold prices in the third quarter: year-over-year gold demand jumped 6.2t to 964.3t from July to September, reports the World Gold Council. Stock-market-wary... Read More »

Why Are Gold Prices Rising?

The summer doldrums for gold prices are officially over! The price of gold has been steadily gaining in the second month of fall amid repeated stock market selloffs. By mid-October, the yellow metal... Read More »
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Why the Next Financial Crisis Could Be Worse than 2008

The extraordinary policy actions to prevent a second Great Depression have had important side effects. –International Monetary Fund[1] It’s been ten years since Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank, collapsed, triggering the... Read More »

Why Stock Market Volatility Is Here to Stay

What do the stock market crashes of 1920, 1987, and 2008 all have in common? October. It’s a time of the year that has historically brought spooks and frights not only to Main... Read More »

Gold Prices Rally Amid Massive Stock Market Selloff

Halloween started early this month for investors –Ed Yardeni After celebrating the longest bull run on record last August, the stock market suddenly took a turn for the worst this week. In just... Read More »