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Brace Yourself For An Economic Hurricane

You’d better brace yourself Jamie Dimon / JP Morgan CEO Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a “super bad feeling” about the economy and wants to cut about 10% of jobs at the electric... Read More »

Stagflation: What it is, What Causes It and How to Protect Against It

Are you wondering why the term stagflation is being thrown around so much at the moment? What does it mean in the context of our country’s economy? More importantly, what causes stagflation and... Read More »

Gold Bullion Demand Up 617% in 2022, According to U.S. Mint Sales Data

With investor anxiety continuing to grow, it’s no surprise that gold bullion demand has been so strong through the first five months of 2022. In May 2022, the U.S. Mint reported selling 147,000... Read More »
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Investors Shift Their Focus from Growth to Protection

“I’m not so much interested in the return ON my money as I am in the return OF my money.” – Will Rogers, American actor and humorous social commentator. The economy is in... Read More »

Wakey Wakey Smell the Bakey

Everyone is aware by now that inflation is raging, and it’s even worse in other countries. As a result, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, but ultimately the effort to stem high... Read More »

Gold Prices Below $1,900/oz: Good Buying Opportunity or Bad Sign?

“It’s a great buying opportunity whenever [gold] dips below $1,900/oz.” – Founder Eric Sepanek Just a few months ago, gold prices surged to record-highs confirming predictions among experts. The current economic meltdown happening... Read More »