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Gold Prices Reach $2,400/oz, Silver Hits 3-Year High. How High Will Prices Go?

Gold’s seemingly non-stop surge has many investors wondering how to approach this booming asset. Several questions have arisen: Is it too late to buy gold? How much higher is it going? What’s behind... Read More »

Gold vs Stock Market: Comparing These Popular Investment Options

Investors often mistakenly pit gold and the stock market against each other when trying to determine the best investment option. In reality, both assets have something unique to contribute to an investment portfolio.... Read More »

Which Countries Own US Debt?

Investors are painfully aware of America’s surging debt problem, but there can be a general sense of confusion about which countries own US debt. This isn’t a trivial aspect of the debt conversation... Read More »
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Time Is Running Out ⏳ Secure Your 2023 IRA Contribution & Get Free Silver

The values of precious metals are rising as investors seek protection from economic instability and political uncertainty. As April 15th quickly approaches, people have a waning opportunity to knock out IRA contributions for... Read More »

Gold Appears Unstoppable as It Breaks Above $2,300/oz! What’s Fueling the Rally?

With tax season upon us, investors are paying especially close attention to their finances. Investors in precious metals have been confidently watching their holdings grow as gold continues topping new highs each week.... Read More »

How to Buy Gold in Your IRA

Retirement accounts and physical precious metals are popular choices among investors looking to optimize their wealth accumulation. Gold has a proven track record of keeping pace with inflation while individual retirement accounts (IRAs)... Read More »