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How to Ride Out the Short-Term Ups and Downs in the Gold Market

If you have been following the price of gold during the first quarter of 2014, you have had to endure more ups and downs than the world’s scariest roller coaster. Gold started out... Read More »

Gold Rises on Ukraine and Weak Dollar

Gold is up 1% on Tuesday after the market struggled Monday and tensions remained high in Ukraine. The European Bank also hinted that they may decrease their own economic stimulus as the Federal... Read More »

Russian Oil Deal with Iran

The recent fears regarding the world moving on without the petrodollar received even more justification this past week as Russia announced a multi-billion dollar oil-for-goods deal with Iran. By developing the deal without... Read More »
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Gold Prices Drop, Iraq Buys Gold & Russia’s Massive Military Build-up

This Week In Gold by Scottsdale Bullion and Coin The big news this past week was an announcement from The Federal Reserve that they would continue to gradually reduce the billion dollar bond-buying... Read More »

Fed Policy and its Effects on the Economy

No one will argue that our economy was in danger of a massive meltdown when Ben Bernanke and the members of the Fed embarked on a policy that would eventually inject trillions of... Read More »

Russia and China About to Announce Landmark Gas Deal

Huge Blow Coming To The Petrodollar Both Russia and China have been increasingly vocal about having the U.S. dollar replaced as the world’s reserve currency, or at least having additional currencies added to... Read More »