gold prices on the rise

‘If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.
–Tom Peters, American Author

Key Points:

  • Gold Prices Are Rising FAST! Up about 11 percent in the last 60 days, gold prices could hit an ALL-TIME high this year.
  • Supplies of Gold Coins Are Dwindling. Not since gold prices peaked in 2011 have we seen such low supplies of coins. Investors who wait until the next crash hits could end up paying a premium for portfolio protection, said an industry insider.
  • The Next Gold Rush Is Right Around the Corner. With Fed Chairman Jerome Powell expressing concern about everything from the economy to the national debt to the trade war and inflation, market conditions could soon send the masses running into gold, triggering a massive gold rush.

The time has come when rumors about the next economic downturn become realities the Fed factors into monetary policy. When gold prices hit multi-year highs and then keep going up. When scarcity grips the precious metals trade and suppliers start calling brokers in search of gold coins.

Yes, it’s here again. And, like last time, only a small band of savvy investors and smart money see through the sham of the soaring equities market, take their profits, and insure their wealth with gold to avoid high premiums.

Will you be one of them?

Gold Prices Are Rising FAST!

Gold is golden. Not only have we broken out from a year-long trading range to the upside, the path of lower rates around the [world] is going to keep the market strong. Add in a spattering of geopolitical risk factors and the yellow metal is poised to move higher.
–Phil Flynn, senior market analyst with Price Group Futures

What do you need to know about gold prices? The numbers speak for themselves:

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  • The price of gold shot to $1,422.85 on June 25, a more than 6-year high.
  • Gold prices have increased nearly 11 percent in the last two months.
  • In a recent survey, 59 percent of Wall Street pros predicted gold prices to rise, and 54 percent of the public polled did too.[1]

How high could the price of gold go? $2,000 by the end of 2019, projects President and Global Strategist of London-based Independent Strategy David Roche. His recommendation to his clients? Secure your portfolios with gold.[2]

Supply of Investment Coins Running Out

I have never seen demand so strong for investment coins while the stock market is still moving to new highs on a regular basis. Supplies of available investment coins are dwindling very quickly. I have suppliers calling me with relatively small amounts when they become available. That’s never happened in nearly 20 years I have been doing this.
Steve Rand, Senior Advisor at SBC

U.S. Mint sales of American Eagle gold coins spiked 25 percent from May to June, and it’s the same story at SBC.[3] Gold investment coins are flying off the shelves. Suppliers are out of stock and even calling our advisors trying to find them, which is totally unprecedented. All it will take is for stock market volatility to return and the Fed to slash rates for the window of opportunity to protect your portfolio without paying a premium to close.

Gold Rush Right Around the Corner

‘Many FOMC participants saw that the case for a somewhat more accommodative monetary policy had strengthened. Since then, based on incoming data and other developments, it appears that uncertainties around trade tensions and concerns about the strength of the global economy continue to weigh on the U.S. economic outlook.’ -Fed Chairman Jerome Powell in his testimony before the U.S. House Committee of Financial Services on July 10, 2019.[4]

The Fed Chairman’s statement says it all: financial and economic market conditions are ripe for the next gold rush.

But, Powell’s words are proving dangerous for many investors. They see potential interest rate cuts as a sign to stay in an overheating stock market instead of a warning to sell and secure their money with gold. The DOW soaring to an ALL-TIME high of 27,000 points was not an indicator that equities had peaked for them. No, these investors, blinded by the optimism of a record-long bull run, think stocks could go even higher. Like last time, they’ll get burned TWICE: losing on equities and then paying steep prices for gold. Just wait and watch.

Don’t Be a Casualty of the Stock Market. Follow Smart Money into Gold NOW

disappointed stock broker

I actually believe financial markets are now poised to crumble like a sand pile.
—David Roche[5]

Will you be ready when they do?

  • Smart money is.
  • So are central banks.
  • Russia, China, and other countries know affordable gold is nearly gone, and they’re even spending dollars to snap it up, fast.

Ready to follow their lead?

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