“It’s a great buying opportunity whenever [gold] dips below $1,900/oz.”
– Founder Eric Sepanek

Just a few months ago, gold prices surged to record-highs confirming predictions among experts. The current economic meltdown happening around the world has resulted in a modern-day gold rush as investors, institutions, and governments move towards safe havens and away from dollar-backed assets.

However, gold prices have retreated from those recent highs settling just below the $1,900/oz mark. Many people are wondering what this relatively stagnant price action means for precious metals. Find out what SBC Gold Founder Eric Sepanek and Precious Metals Advisor Tim Murphy have to say about the current prices of gold and what investors should do now.

Where Do Gold Prices Stand?

record-setting $2,078.80/oz. Since this impressive jump, gold prices have settled lower. The spot gold price has been hovering around $1,850/oz over the past few days with indications of strong support around this level. While many people have been concerned by the relatively lower gold prices, seasoned investors recognize the movement as expected market variability.

No asset moves in a constant upward motion. There are unavoidable ups and downs even when economic conditions are perfect for growth. Experts still expect precious metals to perform strongly. Even the Bank of America anticipates gold and silver to continue rising in the long term.

Gold & Silver: Low Risk & High Reward

Dollar-backed assets such as bonds and stocks have been tanking over the past few months as Americans pull their hard-earned money out of an uncertain market. Increasing inflation and the devaluing of the dollar are terrible conditions for fiat-linked assets. On the flip side, these rough economic conditions are optimal for safe havens such as gold and silver.

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All the conditions that caused the most recent surge in gold and silver prices, such as inflation, are still plaguing the economy. In fact, the market is experiencing a supply shortage as everyone from individual investors to entire governments flood their dollars into physical gold and silver. There’s a confusing combination of low spot prices and low availability, but it’s not going to last long.

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A Golden Opportunity to Invest?

Gold’s recent jump over $2,000/oz wasn’t an isolated movement. It was reflective of the instability and uncertainty pervading global markets and the resulting push away from fiat-backed assets. Gold and silver prices are prone to fluctuations just like any other asset which means things aren’t likely to stay put for long.

Current gold prices below $1,900/oz shouldn’t deter investors from precious metals. In reality, anything below this price is a fantastic opportunity to catch these valuable assets before their next move upward. With inflation anticipated to stick around for the long term, gold (and silver) prices are only expected to move higher.

Don’t Wait to Buy Your Gold — Buy Your Gold and Wait

No matter where gold prices go in the short term, everything points to strong growth long term. Inflation is raging around the world and demand for physical precious metals is on the rise. Smart money investors see the current price of gold as a perfect opportunity to increase their exposure to this reliable inflation hedge.

The biggest mistake people make with precious metals is waiting for the “perfect” time to invest. It’s impossible to time the markets accurately, so it’s much better to buy gold and wait than to wait to buy gold. If you’d like to learn more about protecting yourself with gold and silver, request your FREE COPY of our popular precious metals investment guide today.