“Without a single vote, we are living Modern Monetary Theory with the way these handouts are being done.”
— Eric Sepanek, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin President and Senior Advisor
  • COVID-19 panic propels country into socialist experiment.
  • Crony capitalism steals stimulus money from small businesses.
  • Skyrocketing demand and shrinking supply to trigger metals price melt-up.

$24 TRILLION in NATIONAL DEBT and climbing. 22 MILLION AMERICANS UNEMPLOYED and counting. No end in sight to the money printing. No repayment plans for the stimulus checks.

How will the socialist experiment end?

Publicly traded companies collecting stimulus checks. Small businesses folding. The myth of the V-shaped recovery.

Will the American economy ever recover?

Dwindling gold supply. Raging physical and paper gold demand.

Will the gold ETF market collapse when all the contracts come due?

Watch the video above to get answers and the full story.

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