A few months ago, we announced the development of a new Scottsdale Bullion & Coin headquarters in North Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, we’re excited to offer an update on this momentous project. In a special addition to The Gold Spot Overtime, we sent a camera crew over to the site for an inside scoop on what’s happening.

Meet the Masterminds

Billy Rosenbaum is the superintendent from Creeker Construction – the company heading the construction of Scottsdale Bullion & Coin’s new home office. He’s in charge of the project’s progress and deadlines, making him the perfect resource for an update.

Currently, the building is in phase one, which entails preparing the site for construction. This requires a lot of underground work and the early phases of preparing the pad. One of the most significant parts of this stage was moving the existing mainline from underneath the building’s eventual placement.

Now that the mainline has been moved, new lines and branches can be added to meet the irrigation demands of the building. This involves a series of strategic cuts and welds to allow for seamless integration and efficient water flow.

Next Steps

In the video above, you can see the four-foot-deep hole that will provide the foundation for the building. The dirt surrounding it will be processed by mixing in water to make it sturdier and stronger before refilling the hole.

Once the processed dirt is in place, the concrete crew will prepare the footings and foundation before pouring the concrete slab.

We thank Billy and the Creeker Construction team for their hard work and exciting progress! In future The Gold Spot videos, we’ll keep our clients and viewers up-to-date with the development. Stay tuned!