Yesterday, host of ABC 15’s Sonoran Living, Terri Ouellette, welcomed special guests from Scottsdale Bullion & Coin (SBC). This popular show focuses on helping viewers get the most for their money, including providing guidance on how and what to invest in.

Why Diversify Your Portfolio

Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Founder Eric Sepanek noted that gold has done well over the past year and is positioned to serve his clients well in the coming months and years. He explained that the massive and unsustainable U.S. government debt of more than $20 trillion represents a real risk to the value of paper money. Inflation erodes the value of any paper currency you might hold, and gold is a proven way to protect that value.

Mr. Sepanek went on to explain that the recent uptick in the Dow provides an excellent opportunity to add gold to IRAs and investments at what he feels is a temporarily advantageous price. Noting the fact that many of SBC’s clients protected their money during the last market meltdown, Sepanek cautioned there is strong potential for another major drop in the stock market. He pointed out that many analysts and market watchers are anticipating a significant correction and are recommending more diversification.

The Power of Precious Metals in a Portfolio

When Ms. Ouellette introduced SBC Senior Advisor Steve Rand, he explained the expertise the firm has with helping clients invest in precious metals through their IRAs. With a combined 100-plus years of experience, his staff walks new clients through the process of opening accounts and executing rollovers.

Responding to further questions from the host, Sepanek pointed out how his staff helps individuals determine if precious metals are right for their situation. If so, they will help design the right investment plan to meet each individual’s objectives, from bullion to numismatic coins.

Moreover, Sepanek stressed to the host and viewers that purchasing and owning gold and other precious metals is a long-term strategy, not a simple get-rich-quick scheme. He notes how his clients avoid worrying about short-term market swings with the confidence that gold will protect and enhance the value of their portfolio for the years ahead.

Special Offer: Get a FREE Silver American Eagle Proof Coin

As a special way of acknowledging their relationship with Sonoran Living, SBC is offering those who open a qualified IRA account or set up a rollover a FREE Silver American Eagle Proof Coin.