In the past, investors looking to retire looked forward to the age of 65 so they can stop working. However, when they stop working at 65 this means they stop making money. These investors worked hard most of their life for money, so it could work for them when they stopped working for money, but a funny thing happened to their money on the way to the finish line. Their money stopped working for them a long time ago and this could be a major problem as retirement isn’t what it used to be anymore.

As a retiree, your nest egg faces many risks, like when the stock market has little to no return year after year, the CD’s you own are returning less than nothing (if you calculate inflation), that house you were planning on selling now has little to no equity, or even worse you might be upside down on that property. So, if you do not do something soon about this gloomy situation, you may not have the resources to do all the next things you may have planned to do in your life.

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We all try to have life planned out, but we soon find out that some of our plans are not going to fit in the world we live in today. This especially is true in the world of economics. No one likes to have money stolen or lost from his or her pocketbooks but, currently we are all being stolen from and most of us do not even know it. Because your statement reports that you have a certain amount in your checking and savings accounts and your 401k/IRA statements look unchanged you may feel confident about your plans however, is your savings really the same as it was yesterday or the day before that? Answer this question to yourself, am I paying less for gas, food, water and electricity, or am I paying more for these things every year, as I grow older? So, now let me ask you if your balance is really the same amount still? Inflation, it is much like stress as it is a silent killer; it is a killer of your purchasing power.

What is the Solution?

Historically, buying gold and silver has been an excellent way of preserving purchasing power over long periods of time. Today, it takes almost the same amount of gold or silver to buy a barrel of crude oil as it did 50 years ago. This is in stark contrast to national currencies (also called fiat currencies), like the US dollar, the values of which strongly erode over time. Central banks and governments have set a long-term trend of currency debasement, and it is unlikely that this trend will be reversed anytime soon. Gold and silver are the only globally recognized currencies that cannot be created out of thin air, which makes both of them great stores of value (preservers of purchasing power) in the long-term. Unlike fiat currencies that can easily be debased, gold and silver remain the ultimate forms of money.

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