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5 Reasons Precious Metals will be Higher by the End of 2014

Stop procrastinating and make sure you are well positioned to take full advantage of the strong upward trend in precious metal prices. Over the last several years there have been many false alarms... Read More »

Why Are Non-Mint 1889 CC Morgan Silver Dollars Worth So Much?

While many mint state or proof Morgan silver dollars sell at auctions for thousands of dollars, the value usually drops to a figure much closer to just the melt value of the silver... Read More »

Is Gold & Silver Bottoming?

About a week ago, gold was struggling to stay above $1,250 an ounce. Without looking too hard, you could find plenty of investment gurus who were of the opinion that precious metals were... Read More »
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Forbes’ Wants Gold Standard

One of the nation’s most successful businessmen, Steve Forbes, has written a new book. In it, the former presidential candidate suggests that a return to a “gold standard” is the only way to... Read More »

More Russian Companies Drop the U.S. Dollar

The United States has been pondering economic sanctions against Russia in response to the situation in Ukraine and Crimea. The hope is that the threat of sanctions will discourage the Russian government from... Read More »

European Central Bank Introduces Negative Interest Rates

This month, the European Central Bank (ECB) has made a number of moves designed to stimulate the continent’s economy, including the introduction of negative interest rates. According to the BBC, the ECB is... Read More »