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Gold Continues Hot Streak

2014 has only recently arrived and equity investors are already longing for the massive gains experienced in the year prior. Gold and silver investors, however, were more than happy to see 2013 end... Read More »

Allegations of Precious Metals Manipulation Worse Than LIBOR Scandal

Most investors, particularly those in Europe, are still reeling from the LIBOR-rigging scandal that has, to-date, led to fines of almost $6 billion. Well, according to Germany’s top financial regulator, there is a... Read More »

Gold Hits High, Stocks Struggle

On Monday, gold rallied to a 1-month high, finishing above $1,254. On the other side, stocks slid to their worst day in a long while, adding fuel to the speculation that the market... Read More »
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Gold & Silver Coin Sales Booming

2013 was a tough year for the gold market. Gold futures had their worst year since 1981, finishing the year down 28%. Gold coins, however, stood out as a bright spot in 2013,... Read More »

Ben Begins Slight Tapering But Housing Market & Inflation A Concern

The U.S. economy is still too weak to stand on it’s own and the Fed knows it. Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, recently announced that the Fed would begin tapering of its billion-dollar... Read More »

A Dead End for Paper Money

Rock bottom interest rates, billion dollar bailouts, and massive national debt are a reality for nearly every major economic power in the world. A number of policies and events have been blamed, but... Read More »