Can your portfolio survive more record-setting stock market drops?

The Treasury Secretary says we can’t shut down the U.S. economy again. But it’s happening. In Arizona. In Texas. In Washington, Arkansas, Idaho, Delaware, Michigan, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon. More shutdowns will bring more uncertainty and more volatility. We just witnessed an 1800-point drop in the Dow in just one day. Can your 401k or IRA handle potentially more frequent and larger stock market drops?

Many can’t. So, now is the time to take stock of what you have. Learn more about the options available to you right now that can help protect your retirement against further downswings.

With gold prices hitting past $1,800/oz today, and with big banks forecasting prices are headed to +$2,000/oz in 2020, gold is a solid option to consider.

Don’t wait for stocks to tank and gold prices to skyrocket. Watch the video to see how gold can protect your 401k or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). A gold IRA rollover is easier than you might think. Watch now!

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