“The Fed is panicking. They’re printing more money. And we’re seeing [inflation] in our everyday lives now.”
— Tim Murphy, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin Precious Metals Advisor

Inflation’s been on the rise, and it doesn’t show any signs of dropping or slowing anytime soon. The core inflation rate as of September 2021 was double what the Fed pegs as a “healthy” rate for the economy—4% rather than the ideal 2%1.

Can you feel the hit to your wallet? Food, rent, and gas prices are all going up. So are the costs of new cars, furniture, and car insurance. This is really affecting a lot of people hard.

Not only that, but the supply chain is also a mess, with shortages of goods and port blockages jacking up prices for consumers. Unfortunately, many experts agree that the global supply chain nightmare is actually getting worse2, not better.

All this chaos is cause for distress, certainly. No wonder people are panic buying and seeking ways to protect their assets.

Protect Your Privacy with Physical Gold and Silver

Unfortunately, government officials have proven that we as citizens can’t trust their leadership time and time again. Just recently, the IRS has proposed the startling idea that banks should be forced to reveal their clients’ private information.

Considering the direction that things are headed, it’s no wonder that many of our clients have become increasingly concerned about the privacy of their wealth. It’s sad but true: more and more people are realizing that the government can’t be trusted.

That’s why we are here to help. We’re available to guide anyone looking to convert their assets into physical gold and silver. Precious metals can provide valuable protection against unpredictable markets and government intrusion.