“If you want to know what’s going on, you have to follow the money—and the gold.”
John Karow, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin precious metals advisor

If you were borrowing $834 million an hour. Every day. For the last 18 months. Wouldn’t you be scared?

That’s exactly what the central banks have done, report Bank of America strategists. Guess how much the Fed has spent on bonds alone?

$4 trillion.

You know the worst part?

You’re already paying for it. Every time you buy groceries or lumber or just about anything else. Because inflation is here. Big time. It hit 6.8% in August—exceeding White House expectations by 2x.

Even worse? Economists predict the reopening boom to “hit a wall” right about now. You know what that means?


Don’t Listen to Central Banks

Because they’ll tell you inflation is transitory

…while they line their coffers with gold: 333.2 tons of gold in the first half of this year alone.

What should you do?

Follow the money. Follow the gold. Follow this link to see how to start Hedging Against Inflation with Gold like Wall Street, Big Tech, and, yes, central banks.

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