In a must watch, provocative video commentary, Free Market America exposes the left’s current range of disastrous policies that promote an extremist environmental agenda at the expense of our nation’s free market and economic security.

So many of us today look around and wonder how to explain not only the mess that we’re in, but also the reason why, given the results we’ve seen over the last four years, our government continues to push us down the same disastrous path.

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Because what happens when big government and fringe interest groups take over? America fails.

As federal regulations continue to cripple our nation’s growth by restricting small and large business growth alike, irresponsible fiscal policies are leading us further into debt, keeping the unemployment rate higher than ever (the numbers have not dropped below 8% since February, 2009!), and adding to our existing $1.4 trillion dollar deficit at an alarming rate.

What’s frightening to ponder is that America will continue to fail as long as the current administration promotes the same disastrous, unsustainable policies of the last four years. Unfortunately, given the outcome of the 2012 elections, it looks like we’re in for another four years down the same path ultimately leading to economic collapse.

In the context of this grim scenario, everyone is watching for clues as to how much worse things will get. While the economic crisis in Europe not only remains unresolved but continues to worsen, and considering both the political and economic challenges around the world (particularly in a very unstable Middle East at the moment), can anything be done to protect our investments and achieve some financial security for the future?